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I'm having a Barry

@base:= (adj) Something good. Use base instead of cool.

Example: A: Just got the new Radiohead album. B. Base.

@Basement:= base·ment (bas'mnt) ADJ. 1.Substandard or unacceptable. 2.Lame; Not cool or funny. 3.Simple minded or foolish.

Example: The food and service at the restaurant was so basement the group decided to eat and leave without paying.

@bashment:= Happening event; very hot party.

Example: I went to Tony's bashment last night.

@basho'changeo:= Weight loss course.

Example: You have tried every other course, so now you should take the Homer Simpson's basho'changeo course.

@basic b flat:= Average guy or girl.

Example: Did you see that guy? What guy? Exactly, basic b flat.

@Basingstoke!:= Calm down. Chill out. From the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta Ruddigore. Basingstoke! was an agreed-upon code word used on Mad Margaret whenever she was on the verge of going postal.

Example: Basingstoke!

@bass-ackward:= Reversed order, ass-backward.

Example: No, that isn't right. You have it all bass-ackward!

@bassackwards:= Totally screwed up; completely inept; botched beyond belief.

A variant of the expression back-asswards.

Example: No, no, no! As usual you've got the whole thing bassackwards.

@Basserific:= As wonderful as a bass (yes, we mean fish here), better than bass, describing bass, really really spiffy.

Example: My new car is basserific.

@bast:= Bastard. Often said with an accent.

Example: Jeff, you're a bast.

@bastage:= A word used in a sympathetic way.

Example: Bob.My girlfriend just ditched me.

Slim. Bastage.

@bastages:= Replacement for bastards, best said with a southern twang.

Example: They disconnected my cable. Those bastages.

@Bastard Hat:= An invisible device that has an overall negative effect on the wearer, turning her into a bastard.

Example: What's the matter with them today? Dunno, they must be wearing the Bastard Hat.

@basting my wheels!:= Annoying me, getting close to the edge. A warning that I am about to blow my top.

Example: I'm warning you, don't do it again. You're basting my wheels!

@basting my wheels:= Pushing my limits.

Example: I'm warning you not to do it again; you're basting my wheels.

@batata:= A word commonly substituted for potato' in the midwest.

Example: S'good for ya. Got batatas in it.

@bathroomy:= Adjective describing someone who seems to use the restroom much more than the average person.

Example: We have to wait for you again? You are the bathroomiest person I know.

@Batman:= Taken from the first modern Batman movie (Keaton, Nicholson),

the word comes from an early scene where Batman, on a rooftop, introduces himself to a low-life.

It's the name you use when things are getting weird and you need to be someone else.

Like when you're pulled over for speeding.

When the officer approaches just say, I'm Batman.

Example: Boss: I've got an assignment for you to work on this weekend.

You: I'm Batman.

@batos loco:= Crazy bastard, completely wild.

Example: Chris is batos loco.

@batos loco:= Vato Loco = crazy guy in Spanish and refers to a gang member. There is no such slang word as batos unless you were referring to more than one vato. V and 'B are often confused in Spanish; varrio instead of 'barrio.

Example: Los vatos locos viven en las calles toda el pinche dia. The crazy guys stay in the streets all day.

@batsurfaced:= Having the surface covered with bats.

Example: She wheeled the old, batsurfaced, wooden spaceship around to face the wind.

@battle:= Short for battle buddy, another soldier who is by your side and guarding your back.

Also a friend who helps you out when needed.

Example: Thanks for stalling her while I got away, battle.

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