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4. Пояснення граматичного матеріалу “Іменники, що вживається тільки в однині та тільки в множині”. Виконання тренувальних вправ.

Іменники, що вживаються тільки в однині

Іменники, що вживаються тільки в множині





clothes, goods (не вживаються з числівниками)

contents, wages






та інші

Назви наук на – ics: Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Optics та інші

Дієслово-присудок після цих іменників вживається тільки в однині

Ці іменники не вживаються з неозначеним артиклем

trousers, scissors,

spectacles (glasses)




Дієслово-присудок після цих іменників вживається в множині

Деякі іменники вживаються як в множині, так і в однині.

Наприклад: deer, sheep, swine, fish, trout.

4.1. Тренувальні вправи.

4.1.1. Divide the following nouns into two groups:

a) nouns which have the same singular and plural forms;

b) nouns which have different singular and plural foms.

1. deer 7. fish

2. enemy 8. thief

3. sheep 9. fox

4. face 10. trout

5. finger 11. ship

6. swine 12. pie

4.1.2. Divide the following nouns into two groups:

а) nouns which use only in the plural;

b) nouns which use only in the singular.

1. trousers 7. breeches

2. spectacles 8. Mathematics

3. scissors 9. Phonetics

4. tongs 10. Physics

5. billiards 11. clothes

6. contents 12. news

5. Диктант.

I live in Ukraine. It is one of the largest countries in Europe. It borders on many countries. The climate in Ukraine is different in different parts of the country. There are a lot of large cities in Ukraine. It is an industrial and agricultural country. Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine.

6. Виконання граматичних завдань. Контроль.

6.1. Choose the correct form of the nouns.

1. There are many (heroes, heros) in our country.

2. The (leafs, leaves) were falling down on the ground, making a very nice multicoloured carpet.

3. The (kangarooes, kangaroos) were jumping and running in the zoo.

4. There were very many (passers-by, passer-bys) in the street, walking with their children.

5. (Women-doctors, womans-doctors) are usually more careful and kind than (mans-doctors, men-doctors).

6. Moscow has highly developed industry and there are many (factorys, factories) in this city.

7. This (datum, data) is not changeable. Try to keep it in mind.

8. (Mackerels, Mackerel) cooked with (carrot, carrots) attracted my attention.

9. The (Chinese, Chineses) are very talented and skilled.

10. (Fruit, Fruits) is more expensive in winter.

11. (Thousands, Thousand) of people went to the demonstration.

12. There was much (sugar, sugars) in the coffee and that is why it was too sweet.

13. My (hair, hairs) is very thick because I take care of it.

14. The boy had to iron his trousers, because (they were, it was) very crumpled.

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