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5. Складання та інсценування діалогів з мовленнєвими формулами „Вдячність”.

6. Виконання квізів.

7. Опрацювання тексту за фахом.

8. Самостійне опрацювання матеріалу.

– опрацюйте опорні тексти “Christopher Columbus”, “Birth of a New Nation”, “Columbus or Vikings?”.

– підготуйтесь до диктанту.

− опрацюйте текст за фахом.


Christopher Columbus

Review the following words.

Discoverer першовідкривач, dangerous небезпечний, to set sailпідняти вітрила, voyageподорож, to insist наполягати, skin шкіра, settlement поселення.

In the fifteenth century people knew only three continents; Europe, Asia and Africa. They knew nothing about such a big continent as America.

The man who was thought to be the discoverer of America was born in 1451 in Italy. His name was Christopher Columbus. He became a sailor at an early age. Knowing that the earth was round, he decided to reach India by sailing to the west. It was very difficult for him to organize his expedition, as nobody wanted to help him. Many years after the Spanish government gave him some money for his expedition. He was able to set sail only in 1492, on the 3rd of August.

The voyage was very dangerous and difficult. His men insisted on returning home, but Columbus did everything he could to make them continue their westward voyage. On the 12th of October, his ships reached land. When they landed they saw strange trees and flowers. Men and women with olive-coloured skins and looked at sailors with great surprise. It was one of the Bahamas Islands. But Christopher Columbus thought it was one of the islands which lie off the coast of Asia and called it San Salvador.

Columbus' second voyage to America took place in 1493. This time he discovered some other islands of the West Indies and made some settlements there. On the third voyage he came to South America. In 1502 he made his last voyage. This time he coasted along the shores of Central America. In 1506 he died in Spain being sure that he had reached Asia and knowing nothing of his great discover of the New World.

Birth of a New Nation

Review the following words.

To belongналежати, to obeyпідкорятися, to joinприєднуватися, stripeсмуга, to pay taxes сплачувати податки, to sign a documentпідписати документ, Declaration of IndependenceДекларація Незалежності, Liberty Bell Колокол Свободи.

The American colonies belonging to England had to obey the laws of "the mother country" and had to pay very heavy taxes to the king of England, while "the mother country" did nothing for them. It only exploited them.

At last on July the 4th, 1776, a group of emigrants representing the thirteen British colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America signed a document saying that these colonies were free and independent. This now famous document is known to the world as the Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration was signed in a building (Independence Hall) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On that building we can see the famous Liberty Bell which told the happy people outside that a new nation had been born.

The 4th of June is Flag Day in the USA. On that day in 1777 the Americans adopted their own flag. Its colours were red, white and blue. The first American flag had thirteen red and white stripes and thirteen white stars on a blue field in the left-hand corner. There was a star and a stripe for each one of the former thirteen colonies. The new country began to grow. More states joined it. But there was no place on the flag for more stripes. So it was decided that the flag must always have thirteen stripes. Every time a new state joined, another star was added to the flag. Today the USA flag (it is called “The Stars and Stripes”) has fifty stars. And it has thirteen stripes – one for each of the thirteen old colonies.

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