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3. Remember the following word combinations. Translate them into Ukrainian.

To awake, to turn on water, to turn off TV-set, to do housework, to make a report, to wash clothes, to clean the flat, to brush shoes, to go to bed, to get to a place, to have practice in smth., to iron linen, to play the guitar, to play chess, to put right.

4. Write the sentences in the correct order to get a story.

a. In the evening he usually goes for a walk with his dog.

b. He has breakfast with his parents.

c. He usually has lunch at the University.

d. His classes begin at 8 o'clock in the morning.

e. My friend usually gets up at 6.30.

f. I have a friend and he is a first-year student.

5. Match the words to make word-combinations.

1. to do a. one's clothes and shoes

2. to be b. on the radio and listen to the news

3. to brush c. home by bus

4. to turn d. some practice in cooking

5. to go e. one's hair before the looking-glass

6. to have f. never late for the classes

6. Fill in the blanks with prepositions from the box given below.

about, at, with, at, to, on, at, off, after, about

1. There's a concert this evening… the club. 2. What … going there together. 3. We haven't been … the club for ages. 4. It's a pity to stay… home … such a fine day. 5. Something has gone wrong … my electric iron. 6. Let me have a look … it. 7. I must switch … the light. 8. She has just come home … a walk. 9. I'm going to do some work … the house.

7. Put the numbers of the words from the box into the lines (a, b, c).

1. morning exercises

2. lecture

3. clothes

4. classes

5. towel

6. radio

7. laboratory

8. faculty

9. breakfast

10. bathroom

11. reading room

12. practice

13. knitting

14. subject

15. looking-glass


17. shower

18. piano

A. University –

B. Morning at home –

C. Family has a rest –

8. Speak on the topic “Housework”.

Give an account of your daily programme.

Give an account of your friend's daily programme.

Питання для самоконтролю.

1. Перевірка розуміння змісту опорного тексту за допомогою запитань.

What time does Mary get up?

What does she do in the bathroom?

Does she take shower in the morning or before she goes to bed?

At what time does she usually have breakfast?

How long does it take her to get to the University?

Does she go to the University by bus?

What does she do when the classes are over?

Does she prepare her lessons at home or does she prefer to work in the university?

How long does it take her to do homework?

What does she usually do when she comes home?

In what way does she help her mother about the house?

Do her friends often come to see her?

How does she spend the time with her friends?

What time does she go to bed?

2. Перевірка засвоєння лексичного мінімуму за темою “Berdyansk State Pedagogical University”.

3. Перевірка розуміння змісту тексту за фахом за допомогою запитань або виконання завдань до тексту.

4. Перевірка засвоєння граматичного матеріалу. Особливі випадки вживання артикля.

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