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Unit 7. Bankruptcy

Basic Terms and Concepts


Russian Term

English Term





постановление суда о признании банкротства

bankruptcy order

заявление о признании должника банкротом

bankruptcy petition

подать заявление

to file a petition



внешний управляющий

external manager / administrator

конкурсный управляющий (управляющий конкурсной массой)

trustee / receiver

временный управляющий

interim manager

внешнее управление

external management / administration

осуществлять внешнее управление

to exercise external management

процедура банкротства

bankruptcy proceeding

признаки банкротства

indicia of bankruptcy

преднамеренное и фиктивное банкротство

deliberate and fraudulent bankruptcy


observation proceedings

финансовое оздоровление

financial rehabilitation

конкурсное производство

competitive proceedings

мировое соглашение

amicable agreement / settlement

работник суда по делам о несостоятельности

insolvency practitioner

поражение в правах


постановление о восстановлении в правах

order of discharge


1. Read and translate the following. Use the translation tips given below to translate properly the underlined fragments:

Bankruptcy is the state of a person who has been adjudged by a court to be insolvent. The court orders the compulsory administration of a bankrupt’s affairs so that his assets can be fairly distributed among his creditors. To declare a debtor to be a bankrupt a creditor or a debtor himself must make an application (known as a bankruptcy petition) either to the High Court or to a country court. If a creditor petitions, he must show that the debtor owes him at least $750 and that the debtor appears unable to pay it. The debtor’s inability to pay can be shown ether by: (1) the creditor making a formal demand in a special statutory form, and the debtor failing to pay within three weeks; or (2) the creditor of a judgement debtor being unsuccessful in enforcing payment of a judgement debt through the courts. If the petition is accepted the court makes a bankruptcy order. Within three weeks of the bankruptcy order, the debtor must usually submit a statement of affairs, which the creditors may inspect. This may be followed by a public examination of the debtor. After the bankruptcy order, the bankrupt’s property is placed in the hands of the official receiver. The official receiver must either call a creditors’ meeting to appoint a trustee in bankruptcy to manage the bankrupt’s affairs or he becomes trustee himself. The trustee must be qualified insolvency practitioner. He takes possession of the bankrupt’s property and subject to certain rules, distributes it among the creditors.

A bankrupt is subject to certain disabilities. Bankruptcy is terminated when the court makes an order of discharge but a bankrupt who has not previously been bankrupt within the preceding 15 years is automatically discharged after three years.

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