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92. Open the brackets using the correct form of the verb in brackets.

On Thursday morning at breakfast Steven said: "It's high time you (to make up) your mind about that visit to "Four Winds" this week-end. We ought to go, you know. We haven't been at the Marshals' for ages, we just can't put them off."

"But, Steven," said Ruth ill-temperedly, "I can't go. If my grey dress (not to send) to the cleaner's I (can) wear it. But I can't wear my new suit, it's not hot enough for it yet."

Steven finished his food and was looking through his mail.

"Why treat it as if it (to be) a serious problem? Why make such a fuss about nothing? At "Four Winds" everyone wears just anything."

Opening a letter he added: "Really, you're a most annoying person, Ruth. What I want to know is, can you go or can't you?"

"I can if you can. You know that."

"I'm not sure yet how busy I'll be tomorrow. I suggest that you (to go down) tomorrow afternoon. George (to pick) you up and (to drive) you down if you (to agree) to go tomorrow. And I'll turn up in the evening, if I can get away, or on Saturday morning at the latest."

"Oh, no," Ruth laid down her knife and fork. "I wish we (to go) together."

"I wish you (to go) ahead."

"I'm not going without you," Ruth said firmly. "But for you they (not to ask) me to come, anyway. They only ask me because I'm your wife. And it looks as if Marion (to hate) me. I wish you (to ring) them up yesterday and told them that I'm coming with you."

(after "Thursday Afternoons" by M. Dickens)

§ 48.

Even if / even though.

1. Real. Even if describes how something will happen whatever the condition:

Even if it rains, we’ll still go for a picnic.

2. Unreal. Complex sentences with a clause introduced by if / even though are built on the same pattern as sentences of unreal condition:

But even if you were right, I should be prepared for any contingency.

Even if I had been a stranger he would have talked of his misfortune.

93. Put the verbs in brackets in the most suitable form.

1. We (come) back by all means even if it (be) as late as midnight. 2. “Even if I (write) to Dave, he (not/get) the letter,” said Stephanie. 3. You hardly (believe) it even though you (see) it with your own eyes. 4. Even though you (come) earlier you (not/find) me in. 5. My friend likes to parachute out of aeroplanes. I (not/do) it even if you (pay) me a million dollars. 6. He’s a sound sleeper and you (not/wake) him up even if your voice (be) twice as loud as a train whistle. 7. Even if the work (be) twice as difficult I (not/refuse) to do it. 8. You (do) as you please even if I (give) you advice. 9. Even though the way (be) twice as short we (miss) the train all the same, for I got the schedule mixed up. 10. She (can/not/join) our excursion even if you (invite) her; she was ill. 11. She loves her dog. She (not/sell) her dog even if you (pay) her a million dollars. 12. Even if you (know) him well, you (not/recognize) him, he has so greatly changed. 13. Linda (not/marry) Paul even if he (be) the last man on earth. 14. Even if he (be) here, I (say) the same. 15. Even if nobody (object), I (object). 16. Even if she (hear) it with her own ears, she (not/believe) it. 17. I (can/not/go) today even if you (ask) me. 18. Nothing (come out) of this scheme even if you (give) them every opportunity. 19. Even if I (can/help) you, I (not/go) against my conscience and judgement.

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