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26. Choose which ending is possible for each sentence.

1. I’ll give you the money tomorrow 6. If no-one calls by next week

a if I can. a I would sell the car to you.

b if I could. b I will sell the car to you.

2. If you see people running 7. If you accepted my advice

a what do you do? a these things won’t happen to you.

b what would you do? b these things wouldn’t happen to you.

3. She wouldn’t help anyone 8. If there isn’t enough for the guests to eat

a if they are in trouble. a we can phone for pizzas.

b if they were in trouble. b we could phone for pizzas.

4. I’ll be back here by 6 9. I might possibly lend you my stereo

a if the train wasn’t late. a if you promised to be careful.

b unless the train is late. b if you will promise to be careful.

5. I would tell you of course 10. What will you do

a if I’ll know the answer. a if she’ll refuse to marry you?

b if I knew the answer. b if she refuses to marry you?

27. Fill the gaps in the sentences and complete the questions in the conversations using the words given or your own ideas.

  1. If I had more money, ________ (you/marry) me?

  2. He wouldn’t help you if ________ (he/not/like) you.

  3. ________ (you/find) the machine is quite simple to operate if you look at manual.

  4. ________ (your parents/not/be) proud if they could see you now?

  5. If ________ (I/not/revise) thoroughly, I may fail my test.

  6. If you wanted to buy someone a good present, what sort of thing ________ (you/look for)?

  7. You’d have a lot more friends if ________ (you/not/be) so mean.

  8. How ________ (you/feel) if you were in my position?

  9. Would you change your job ________ (you/can)?

  10. Eva: I don’t know what has happened to my dictionary. I’ve looked everywhere for it.

Sue: What ________ if ________ ?

Eva: I suppose I’ll have to buy a new one.

11. Tim: I’m thinking of applying for the manager’s job.

Ann: Really? How ________ if ________ ?

Tim: Oh, about 2000 $ a year more than now, I suppose.

12. May: I don’t know what I’m going to do about money. I can’t even pay this

week’s rent.

Lee: ________ if ________ ?

May: Well, it would help, of course. But I can’t borrow from you.

Lee: Don’t be silly. How much do you want?

13 Ian: This room is so dark and dull.

Phill: What ________ if ________ ?

Ian: White, I think. And I’d have white curtains.

Phill: You’d spend a lot of time cleaning it.

Ian: But at least I’d be able to see!

14. Bill: I don’t think I’m going to pass my driving test next week.

Ben: What ________ if ________ ?

Bill: I won’t be able to get the job I want at the warehouse. They said I must be able to drive.