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32. Complete the sentences in the conversation using the ideas given.

A man has been arrested and accused of burgling a house. He is being questioned in court by a lawyer. Complete the lawyer's questions, using the same kind of sentence as in example (1).

Defendant: When I climbed over the wall, I didn't see the number of the house.

Lawyer: So what you are in effect saying is: (1) If you had seen the number of the house, you wouldn't have climbed over the wall.

Defendant: Yes. You see, I thought it was my friend's house and I wanted to get in. I broke the kitchen window because I couldn't make anyone hear.

Lawyer: So are you telling the court that (2) ____________________________ ?

Defendant: Yes, of course. I don't go around breaking the windows in people's houses! I thought it was my friend's house and so I climbed in through the window.

Lawyer: So are you telling the court that (3) ____________________________ ?

Defendant: Certainly. Then I was surprised not to see or hear anyone in the house. I didn't hear Mrs. Smith. I would have spoken to her, of course.

Lawyer: Let me get this straight. You mean, if (4) _______________________ ?

Defendant: Yes. But I didn't hear her and so obviously I didn't speak to her. I went into the bedroom by mistake. I was trying to find the bathroom.

Lawyer: What you're trying to say then is that (5) _______________________ ? I wonder, if you had known that you'd finish up in court, whether you would have chosen some other house to break into!

33. Make a ‘chain story’.

Do you ever think about what would or would not have happened if … ? Make a 'chain story' using the following. The first has been done for you as an example.

If I (not use) so much gas, I (not have) such a big gas bill. — If I hadn't used so much gas, I wouldn't have had such a big gas bill.

If I (must not) pay my gas bill, I (not go out) in the rain.

If I (not go out) in the rain, I (not catch) a cold.

If I (not catch) a cold, I (not carry) a handkerchief.

If I (not carry) a handkerchief, I (not drop) it.

If I (not drop) my handkerchief, Juan (not pick it up).

If Juan (not pick it up) my handkerchief, we (never meet).

Moral: Paying bills can be a good thing.

Now try to invent a similar chain (with at least six links) linking ' If Rosie hadn't failed her maths exam … ' and ' … she wouldn't have realised how interesting elephants could be.'

34. Fill in each blank to complete the unreal condition.

Model: I yelled at my boss. I lost my job.

If I hadn't yelled at my boss, I wouldn't have lost my job.

  1. He went to a party. He met his wife.

If he _______________ , he _______________ .

  1. Mary didn't study for the test. She failed it.

If she _______________ , she _______________ .

  1. He didn't know she was an alcoholic. He married her.

He _______________ her if he _______________ she was an alcoholic.

  1. He told her his secret. He didn't know she was going to tell everyone.

He _______________ his secret if he _______________ she was going to tell everyone.

  1. Their parents approved of their marriage. They got married.

They _______________ married if their parents _______________ of the marriage.

  1. He left his country. He couldn't find a job there.

If he _______________ a job in his country, he _______________ .

  1. I found a lost wallet. I couldn't return it because there was no name on it.

I _______________ the wallet if _______________ a name or phone number on it.

  1. I didn't know my friends were coming over. I didn't prepare any food.

If I _______________ they were coming over, I _______________ some food.

  1. The child told a lie. His mother punished him.

She _______________ him if he _______________ a lie.

  1. She didn't know she was going to come to the U.S. She didn't study English.

She _______________ English if she _______________ she was going to come to the U.S.

  1. He didn’t take the medicine. His condition didn’t improve.

If he _______________ the medicine, his condition _______________ .

  1. I didn’t have my credit card with me. I didn’t buy the stereo.

I _______________ the stereo if I _______________ my credit card with me.

13. Sean: Why didn’t you go to the party last night?

Jim: I wasn’t invited.

Sean: So _______________ if _______________ ?

14. Jill: Jane’s a very bright girl, isn’t she?

Milly: Yes. I _______________ if _______________ as bright as she is.

Jill: What do you do instead?

Milly: I’d get a job doing something exciting, where I’d meet interesting people and visit lots of different places.

15. Sam: Why did you ask Veronica about her boyfriend? It really upset her.

Mick: Well I didn’t realise they’d split up.

Sam: You didn’t know, then?

Mick: Of course not. If _______________ .

16. Ben: Can I have a sandwich?

Joe: Well, I’ve got only this one left. No one told me you were going to be here.

Ben: If _______________ ?

Joe: Of course I would. Remember to let me know next time.

17. Tim: Hey, look at that motorbike. What a beauty!

Pat: Look out! Mind that litter bin.

Tim: Ouch! I’ve hurt my leg.

Pat: Serves you right. You _______________ if _______________ .

18. John: Do you love me?

Rose: You know I do.

John: Would _______________ ?

Rose: But you’re rich.

John: I’ve just lost all my money.

Rose: You’re joking!

John: Well, yes, I am. But if _______________ ?

Rose: I’d say good-bye.

John: Now you’re joking.

Rose: Oh no, I’m not.

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