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80. Fill in the gaps using the words given. There is usually more than one possible answer.

1. Ben: Where’s Jack? He promised to check these reports with me.

Sue: I saw him in the sales office a few minutes ago.

Ben: It’s essential ______________________________ (he/see) the reports.

Sue: Shall I go and look for him?

Ben: No, ________________________________________ (I/not/bother). He’ll probably turn up in a minute.

2. Fay: Are you going to stay in the office over lunchtime?

Jill: Yes, it’s important _______________________ (I/check) these figures. We’ll be using them in this afternoon’s meeting.

Fay: Oh, right, yes. Look, _____________________________ (Gareth/call), will you say I’m not available until tomorrow? I really haven’t got time for him today.

3. Mick: I can’t find those files anywhere. What ___________________ (I/do) ?

Tom: I really don’t know. It’s absolutely typical that _____________________ (they/disappear) just when you need them. Why don’t you ask Rose for a copy of them?

Mick: I did. She insisted that _______________________ (I/search) for them.

Tom: She’s so unhelpful.

4. Gail: Are you going to buy a house?

Liz: Well, the bank’s recommendation is that _______________ (we/wait).

Gail: Why’s that?

Liz: They say prices may fall later in the year. They suggest ______________ (we/rent) until the autumn.

Gail: I suppose it’s only natural ____________________ (they/be) cautious.

81. Open the brackets using the Subjunctive Mood.


We, medical students, spent two days a week in the accident room, where I began to feel I was at last learning a little medicine by discovering how to put a bandage on without dropping it to the floor first.

The order was that a pair of us (to sleep) once a week in hospital attending to cases that came during the night. This system was nearly the end of Tony Benskin. In his walks round the sleeping hospital he had met a pretty nurse and it looked as if he (to fall) in love with her. Benskin's romance (to end) harmlessly if he (not to make) a mistake on the last night of our work in the hospital. To celebrate the end of our week in the accident room we spent the evening in the King George. At eleven, when it was time we (to return) to the hospital, Benskin rushed to see his night nurse, while I went to bed.

Just after three I was shaken awake. Automatically I reached for my trousers, thinking that it was necessary that I (to go) to the accident room: but it was Benskin.

"I wish you (to let) me sleep," I said in a rough voice.

"Old man!" he said. "You've got to help me!" He acted as if something terrible (to happen).

"What's the matter?" I inquired sleepily.

"You know that night nurse — Molly?"


"Well, listen, old man, Oh, I wish you (not to go) to sleep again. Tonight I came to see her and before I knew where I was I'd asked her to marry me! But for the pint I had had at the King George I never (to do) a thing like that!"

I tried to clear the sleep and alcohol out of my eyes: "It's doubtful that she (to accept) you."

"But she did. Don't you realise what's happened! She's set her heart on marrying me!"

"Perhaps she'll have forgotten all about it by the morning," I suggested hopefully.

"Forgotten? Not on your life! You know what these women are! The news'll spread all over the hospital by nine o'clock in the morning. I wish I never (to do) a foolish thing like that!"

"If I (to be) you, I (to go) and explain that it was all in fun."

Benskin gave a laugh: "You go!"

"I see your point. It's necessary that I (to think) in silence."

After about twenty minutes I had an idea. I criticized it to myself carefully, and it looked as if it (to work).

"I think I've got the answer," I said and explained it to him. He shook me warmly by the hand and rushed away.

The solution was a simple one. My advice was that Benskin (to propose) to every single night nurse in the hospital.

(after "Doctor in the House" by Richard Gordon)

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