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Chapter 3




3.6.7Baselines Window

The Baselines Window displays information regarding all the sessions in the network. See

Columns in the Sessions Window on Page 175 for a description of the columns displayed and the options available by right-clicking on a session.

Expanding the Baselines branch in the Data Objects window on the left-hand side of the Data Manager allows for the sessions to be displayed individually according to the baseline they are expanded from. Expanding each baseline in the Data Objects window will allow for the display of any individual session in the Sessions window.

3.6.8Processing Window

See the Process menu on Page 61 for information regarding this window.

3.7Tools Menu

See Section 2.8, on Page 129 for information regarding the features available through this menu.

3.8Help Menu

See Section 2.10, on Page 146 for information about these features.

Table 14: Baseline Colour Legend






Unprocessed – Normally represents an


unprocessed baseline. In some cases when


processing quits prematurely, the colour may

remain blue. The return error message can be


viewed by right-clicking the baseline in the


Sessions window of the Data Manager and


selecting View Information.




Ignored – Indicates a session that is to be






Duplicate – Indicates a duplicate baseline,


meaning that it has more than one session.


Such baselines are plotted with two colours,

with one being yellow. The second colour will



represent the best solution among all the


sessions for the duplicate baseline.




Approximate – Indicates that an error has


occurred during the processing and only an


approximate (1 to 5 metres) solution was

extracted. Such a solution is only useful for


transferring an approximate position from base


to remote, and this session should either be


reprocessed or ignored.




Bad / Failed – Represents a baseline where


processing failed one or more tests and is thus


deemed to be bad. Right-click the baseline in


the Sessions window of the Data Manager and


select View Information to determine the

problem. If you are confident that the solution is



okay, the status can be changed from the


Sessions window as well. You can control when


float solutions pass via the Solution tab under


Options | Preferences.



GrafNav / GrafNet 8.10 User Guide Rev 4


Chapter 3





GrafNav / GrafNet 8.10 User Guide Rev 4

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