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Chapter 1 Introduction and Installation

1.1Waypoint Products Group Software Overview

NovAtel's Waypoint Products Group offers GNSS post-processing soFftware packages including GrafNav (a static/kinematic baseline processor) and GrafNet (a static baseline processor/network adjustment package). Both of these products have a Windows based Graphical User Interface (GUI) and use the same precise GNSS processing engine. This processing engine has undergone years of development effort and has been optimized to give the highest precision with the least amount of operator intervention.

This chapter of the manual contains a description of the hardware requirements, installation instructions and lists the CD contents. This chapter also provides an overview of the product packages (see Table 1 on Page 27 for product capabilities).

How to install Waypoint software

1.Plug your hardlock key into your COM or USB port.


The installation steps are in the shaded box.

2.Insert the CD into the CDROM drive.

3.Follow the instructions prompted by the program during installation.

1.2.1What You Need To Start

Waypoint Protection Key

New users can choose between a Sentinel parallel port or USB key. These are hardlock keys that accesses the software. Hardlock keys must be burned for the correct product with a version number of at least 8.10.

Plug the hardlock key into a parallel or USB port and install it before accessing the product (see Section 1.2.2, on Page 24 ).

Installation file

You will receive an installation CD as part of your purchase. If you upgrade from a previous version, you will be provided with a link to Waypoint’s FTP site where you can download the new setup file. The installation CD is available upon request.

See the Forward on Page 15 for hardware requirements.

How to uninstall Waypoint software

1.Select Start | Waypoint GPS 8.10 | Uninstall Software

2.Follow the instructions prompted by the program.

GrafNav / GrafNet 8.10 User Guide Rev 4


Chapter 1

Introduction and Installation



1.2.2 CD Contents and Installation

GrafNav / GrafNet is distributed on CD media. There are a number of folders on the CD containing additional programs and data. These include the following:


This directory contains sample GNSS data for GrafNav and GrafNet for various types of GNSS receivers. Browse through the subdirectories to see what data is available. To process, copy the contents of directories to the hard disk.


This directory contains the drivers necessary to install the hardlock key. All hardlock drivers are installed automatically during installation. It also has a tool for trouble shooting.


This directory contains geoid files for U.S. (Alaska96, Geoid96, Geoid99, Geoid03), Mexico97, Australia (AusGeoid93 and AusGeoid98) and the world (EGM96). These files allow mean-sea-level (orthometric) heights to be computed using GrafNav and GrafNet. Files are in the WPG (Waypoint Geoid) format. For Canada, download files from the Geodetic Survey Division of Geomatics Canada. Geoids for other regions of the world may also be available. Contact wpsupport@novatel.com for more information.


This directory contains a command-line program that can execute the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) that GrafNav, GrafNet and GrafNav Batch use for processing, which is useful for off-line batch processing. This directory also contains sample C source code for linking to the processing DLL. See the Application Note.doc file in the directory for further explanations.


Contains this manual in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


GrafNav / GrafNet 8.10 User Guide Rev 4

Introduction and Installation

Chapter 1





Waypoint’s software is distributed with a Sentinel hardware lock. Upgrading to a new version requires a new hardlock key code for the hardware lock. Expired demo codes need new codes for the software package to continue working. Contact the Waypoint Products Group, NovAtel Inc. to obtain new hardware key codes. For contact information, see the Forward on Page 15.

How to upgrade your software

1. Contact Waypoint to obtain a new key code for the hardware lock or expired demo codes. For contact information, see the Forward on Page 15.

2. Verify that the software is installed.

3. Press the Start button.

4. Click on Programs | Waypoint GPS | Utilities | Hardlock Upgrade Utility to start updating the hardware lock.

5. Click on the Read Key button to verify that the key is properly connected.

6. Copy down the existing key code and keep the code. This helps prevent the loss of a full working key code when testing out a newer demo or beta version of the software.

7. Enter the provided 16-character alphanumeric key code and press Upgrade.

8. Install the upgraded software from the

Versions 7.50 and greater of KeyUtil.exe are not compatible with previous versions. The software only functions if the hardlock key has been upgraded with a newer version of KeyUtil.exe that is 7.50 or greater. The version number appears in the title bar.

It is recommended that you uninstall older versions of the software once your upgraded software is installed.

GrafNav / GrafNet 8.10 User Guide Rev 4


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