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Chapter 5




5.3File Menu

See Section 2.3, on Page 33 for information regarding all of the features available via this menu. This section provides only a few points relevant to GrafMov.

5.3.1Add Master File

It is strongly recommended for differential processing with a static base station that you use GrafNav. GrafMov is meant for processing between moving antennas and will only allow for one base station to be defined.

When designating a GPB file as the master, you are prompted to enter its coordinates. These coordinates have no effect on processing. GrafMov extracts the position from the master’s GPB file. Normally, the receiver computes this position in real-time but some of the decoders re-compute positions during conversion, so it is important to ensure that the master GPB file has proper coordinates. Do this with the Re-compute position and clock offset option when converting the raw data, depending on the type of receiver used. See

Section 8.2, on Page 221 for help.

Positions can be calculated after conversion with the GPB Viewer, which can be accessed through

File | GPB Utilities | View Raw GPS Data. Once the appropriate GPB file has been opened, select Edit |

Recalculate Position. See Section 8.2, on Page 221 for additional information regarding this feature.

It also important that the static/kinematic flags have been properly set. Failure to do so will lead to the development of large errors. In the absence of flags in the raw data, the Raw GPS to GPB converter will decode the entire file as being either static or kinematic, depending what you specify. If you are not sure when the data is static or kinematic, it is better to make the entire file kinematic.

5.4View Menu

See Section 2.4, on Page 52 for information regarding all of the options in this menu.

GrafNav / GrafNet 8.10 User Guide Rev 4


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