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Chapter 2




2.10 Help Menu

Files to download from Waypoint’s FTP site


List of antenna profiles. See Add Master Files on Page 36 for more details.


List of the differential code biases, in nanoseconds, between the P1 and C/A code for each satellite. Used by PPP.


List of base stations available for the Download utility. This is usually updated monthly.


List of datums, ellipsoids, and transformations between datums. See Section 9.10, on Page 285 for details.


List of Favourites and the groups they are contained in. These only contain coordinates for stations available with the Download utility. See Section 2.8.12, on Page 140 for more information.


List that contains available grids such as UTM, US State Plane, Gauss Kruger and so on. See Section 2.8.7, on Page 133 for more details.


A file that associates a PRN number with a satellite type (Block II, Block IIA and so on) for purposes of determining the center of mass of the satellite. It assists in single point processing. This file should not be modified.

2.10.1 Help Topics

Opens an HTML version of this manual. This feature can be very useful as a quick and easily accessible reference.

2.10.2 www.novatel.com

This option opens a web browser to NovAtel’s website. The Waypoint Products Group’s section contains details on the latest versions, patches, information on GPS/INS, and technical reports can be found.

2.10.3 About GrafNav

This window displays information about the software version, build dates, copyright information, hardware lock key information, and DLL information.

Access the hardware key utility from this window by clicking Key Util (Upgrade). This tool is useful if an upgrade needs to be performed on the hardware lock. The Dependent Files window displays a list of executables and DLLs associated with GrafNav. The date and time of the files are shown, as well as a quick description of the file. Other programs have this feature as well.

With Internet an connection, use the Download latest manufacturer files option to connect to Waypoint’s FTP site. You can download the files that are listed in the shaded box from this site.

Most of these manufact files have an associated user file where you enter your own information to be saved. These files are not modified when you download the latest manufacturer files. Do not directly modify the manufact files because they are overwritten when this option is used.


GrafNav / GrafNet 8.10 User Guide Rev 4

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