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Chapter 2




2.3.12 GPB Utilities

This is available for use with GPB files and includes the following:

Concatenate, Slice and Resample

See Chapter 8 on Page 221.

View Raw GPS Data

See Section 2.4.1, on Page 52 .

Convert GPB to RINEX

This utility converts a GPB file into a standard RINEX file, version 2.0 or 2.10.

Files to Convert

Allows you to select the files that are to be converted.


If present, GLONASS measurement data writes to the observation file, while the ephemerides writes to their own navigation file. This option can be enabled to create GPS-only RINEX files.

Rinex Version

Choose between Version 2.1 and Version 2.0 format.

GPS Week

Sets the week number in which the observations were made. If the Auto-Detect Week button is selected, then the program determines the week number from the EPP file. Sometimes, an incorrect week number is output to the EPP file during the conversion from a raw data format. In such a case, you must manually enter the week number via the

Set Week button.

RINEX Header Information

Several fields are available here for editing. This information is used only for the purpose of being written to the header of the RINEX observation file.

Regardless of the option selected, only data measurements that exist in the GPB file are exported so columns of zeroes are not created for missing data.

Multiple files can be added for conversion. For each file added, you are prompted for a station name, an antenna height, and, if needed, an alternate EPP source for ephemerides.

GrafNav / GrafNet 8.10 User Guide Rev 4


Chapter 2




Space-delimited fields





Insert Static/Kinematic Markers

This utility is available in all of Waypoint’s programs. It is an alternate method of switching data between static and kinematic modes. Such a task can also be performed on a GPB file with the

GPBViewer utility. See Chapter 8 on Page 221 for additional information.

GPB File Name

Specifies the GPB file to modify.

Operation to Perform

Select Make all epochs static or Make all epochs kinematic to set the mode for every epoch in the GPB file. Select Use user generated file to define static periods to define specific time ranges as being static. This enables the User File Settings section on the window.

User File Settings

Converts user-defined time ranges to static mode. The input file containing the definitions of the static periods must contain the space-delimited fields listed in the shaded box.

File name

Click the Browse button to locate this input file. The View/Edit button allows for the revision and modification of the file.

Begin time offset

The number of seconds added to all userdefined StartTime values in the input file.

End time offset

The number of seconds to subtract from all user-defined EndTime values in the input file. Only the epochs lying between these adjusted times are converted to static mode. This is to ensure that no kinematic data is incorrectly set to static.

Minimum session time

The minimum number of seconds that a static session must contain to be converted to static mode.

Antenna height

If the Create station file option has been enabled, this value is written to the station file for all user-defined static sessions.

Create station file

Writes all static sessions to the station file (STA), regardless of whether an antenna height has been entered.


GrafNav / GrafNet 8.10 User Guide Rev 4


Chapter 2




2.3.13 Remove Processing Files

This option removes files from a project. The shaded box contains a list of the files that are affected with each option.

2.3.14Download AOA (Allen Osborne Associates)

This converter is only available in the AOA version of the software. See AOA methods for splitting up files on Page 229 for details.

2.3.15 Recent projects

Provides a list of recent projects and allows you to left double click to load them.

2.3.16 Exit

Exits Waypoint software.

Files that are affected with each Remove Processing Files option

Project(s) to remove

Allows you to select what project(s) you want to delete processing files from.

Current project

Only removes the selected files that are associated with the project that is currently loaded.

All files in

Allows you to select the folder that you want to have the selected files deleted from.

Selected projects

Allows you to select a specific project whose associated files you want to delete.

Files to remove

Allows you to select the files to remove from the specified project or folder.

GPS trajectories

Contains the solutions computed during processing.

Additional processing

Includes message logs, static summaries and binary files.

Processing history

Contains information regarding any earlier processing run performed in project. Section 2.4.3, on Page 54 for more details.

Project files

Contains project configurations and processing options.

GrafNav / GrafNet 8.10 User Guide Rev 4


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