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Chapter 3




3.4.8 View Processing Report

This option displays the RPT file containing information about the stations, sessions, baselines, observations and gives a summary for each session processed.

3.4.9 View All Sessions

View the Session window of the Data Manager for all baselines with this feature. It can also be invoked for individual sessions by clicking on a baseline in the Map Window. This is a useful way of ensuring all sessions have a Good status.

3.4.10 View All Observations

This option displays information about each observation in the Data Manager. Right-click on the observations and select View to bring up a message box that shows the file name, station name, antenna height, time range and data interval, among other things. Selecting View GPB File will access the GPB Viewer.

3.4.11 View All Stations

This feature displays the Stations window in the Data Manager. The window lists all stations in the project, as well as their traverse solution coordinates.

3.5 Options Menu

3.5.1 Global Settings

This feature accesses the global processing options. The options set here are applied to all baselines in the project, overriding any settings that may have been customized for individual baselines. The processing settings for individual sessions can be customized by right-clicking on the session in the Data Manager and selecting Options.

3.5.2 Sessions Settings (Shown in

Data Manager)

This feature allows you to set the processing options only for the sessions currently appearing in the Data Manager. In order to use this feature, the Sessions window of the Data Manager must be open.


GrafNav / GrafNet 8.10 User Guide Rev 4

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