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Television is doing an irreparable harm

What did we use to do before there was television? Before we admitted the one-eyed monster into our home, we never found it difficult to occupy our spare time. We used to have hobbies, we used to entertain our friends, we used to go out to cinemas, theatres and sporting events. We used to read books and listen to music and broadcast talks. All that belongs to the past. Now all of our free time is regulated by the “goggle box”. We rush home and gulp down our meals to be in time for this or that programme. We have given up sitting at table and taking a slow evening meal, exchanging the news of the day. A sandwich and a glass of bear will do - anything that does not interfere with a programme. The monster demands and obtains absolute silence and attention.

Whole generations are growing addicted to the telly. Food is uneaten, homework undone, sleep is lost. The telly is a universal pacifier. It is now standard practice for a mother to keep her children quiet by switching on the telly for them. It doesn’t matter that the kids will watch rubbishy commercials or spectacles of sadism and violence.

Television encourages passive enjoyment. We get lazy. We prefer to spend hours in semi-darkness, glued to our sets.

Scientists found out that television was delaying speech development in children. At three, they have the language of the two-year olds. The television is used as a baby-sitter. Children spend too much time watching television and videos. They get very fixed on colours and flashing lights. It is difficult to get them interested in toys. Parents stopped talking to them. Children are not taught a basic vocabulary through one-to-one conversation with adults. All the evidence shows that children whose language was below standard at the age of three could be set back for life.

Doctors are sure that babies under one year should not watch television or videos at all. Children of two or three should watch for no more than an hour a day.

3. Answer the questions to the text.

1. How did people use to spend their free time before the television appeared? 2. Why can we say that people are addicted to telly and their life is regulated by the TV programme? 3. What happens to children if they watch too much of television and videos? 4. Why is it dangerous if children’s speech is slow in development? 5. What helps children develop speech habits? 6. Why do you think parents use the television as a baby-sitter? 7. How could violent and sadistic spectacles influence the psyche of children? 8. What films would you recommend for children? 9. Do you agree with doctors that babies should not watch television at all?

  1. Read the text about advantages and disadvantages of using Internet. Complete the sentences with the bare infinitive, to-infinitive or –ing form of the verbs given below. Use each verb once.

send, obtain, know, commit, surf, become, filter, publish, do, attach, waste, join


  • E-mail allows us ______ messages all around the world quickly and easily.

  • You can print out e-mail and keep it as proof that someone has agreed ____ something for you.

  • It’s easy _____ documents, photos and files to e-mails.

  • People can you e-mail _____ mailing lists on topics that interest them and receive regular news and updates.

  • The Internet allows people _____ information easily and cheaply on a limitless range of subjects.

  • Organizations can publish news as it happens and let people _____ what is happening.


  • In working situations, the use of the Internet and e-mail can encourage _____ time.

  • The Internet helps criminals ____ crimes involving fraud and attacking systems.

  • Children can use the Internet _____ web sites that are unsuitable for them.

  • Over-use of the Internet can make certain people _____ addicts who are no longer interested in anything else.

  • The problem of unwanted junk mail forces us _____ all our incoming messages.

  • A lot of information on the Internet is inaccurate. There is little quality control and this allows dishonest operators ______ information that is quite untrue.

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