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Text A. A Letter to a Friend .

1.Read and translate the text.

Dear Victor, 23rd June 2003 .

I’m very sorry I couldn’t write to you last week, because I was very busy. At last I’ve taken my Literature examination and I’m quite free. When my wife takes her last exam next week, we’ll go to Yalta for a holiday. I hope we shall have a good time there. You know how we love the sea. We are going to swim, lie on the beach, and sunbathe two or three hours a day. You write that you can’t forget the holiday which we spent there two years ago. I can’t forget it either. I’m awfully sorry you will not be able to go with us this year.

When are you going to have your holiday? Is your wife’s health still poor? I hope that she will soon be all right. How long do you intend to stay in the country? Is there a river and a wood there?

I’ll be back early in August in order not to miss my mother’s birthday. She will be sixty on the tenth of August, you know.

I think I’ll be able to go to see you some time at the end of the month.

I shall be very glad to hear from you before we leave.

Love to you all,


2.Write a letter to your friend about your last summer holidays.

Text b. Adventure Holidays

What kind of holidays do you prefer? Exciting and adventurous holidays or peaceful and relaxing holidays?

1.Where would you like to spend your holidays?

  1. around the world; b) in a tourist village; c)in the country;

2.Do you like sports that are … ?

  1. a little violent; b)based on strength and ability; c) unusual;

3.Would you like to set sail on …

a)a big sailboat; b) a submarine; c)a fast liner;

4.Would you like to go …

  1. looking for sharks in the ocean; b) fishing at night with a net; c) sailing on a boat.

5.When you go to the seaside, do you prefer to …

  1. go fishing among the reefs; b) run on the sand; c) read a nice book;

6.If a hang glider trainer invites you for a free lesson, would you …

  1. accept enthusiastically; b) like to accept it but with hesitation; c)refuse the invitation;

7.When you watch an Indian Jones film, do you …

a)dreams about accomplishing heroic enterprises like the protagonist; b) watch it because it is interesting; c)get bored;

8.Do you think that taking along a tent on a holiday is …

  1. exciting; b) nice only in an organized camping trip; c)troublesome;

9.If you happen to cross a forest, would you cross it …

a)on foot; b)in a canoe on the river; c) flying above on a plane;

10.Which of these means of transport do you prefer?

a) the Concorder ; b) a Ferrari; c) the Orient Express ;

11.What do you like best about mountains?

  1. the possibility of doing mounting climbing; b) the scenery; c) silence;

12.Which of the following words reminds you of holidays?

  1. freedom; b) enjoyment; c) going for a walk;


You score 3 points if you tick A , 2 points if you tick B and 1 point if you tick C. Add up the points and then read your profile.

Above 42 points –Adventures: Holidays, for you, mean looking for adventure without organizing or planning before. You are rich in enthusiasm and curiosity. In short, you are made for a trip that is far from daily routine. You want to hunt for an unknown, undiscovered place, to make new friends and to gain new experience.

From 25 to 42 points –Imaginative: You possess a good dose of adventurous spirit and a good deal of courage, but you don’t like to get into trouble. You are quite enthusiastic about inventing hundreds of adventurous ideas. You should leave your text books and worries behind and use your imaginative quality to make new friends and to enjoy yourself.

Less than 25 points - Peaceful: You are a calm type. For you, an ideal holiday is sitting under a beach umbrella or relaxing under a tree in the silence of the countryside. Adventurous activities don’t attract you. Holidays, for you, should be a way to do sports and exercises and to meet new people.

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