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19. Complete the sentences using the text:

It should be mentioned that...........................

We-must admit................................

Generally speaking................................

20. Fill in the table with the main events from Chagall's life:












21. Work in groups. Find out from your partners:

— what they know about Chagall's origin;

— why it's difficult to understand Chagall if we don't take into account the Vitebsk period of his life;

— why me connoisseurs of art consider Chagall's paintings unique;

— whether they have ever seen Chagall's pictures;

— what helped Mark Chagall to understand the French painting;

— what duties Chagall fulfilled in 1918;

— whether Mark Chagall was a bachelor;

why it was dangerous to organize Chagall's exhibitions before1991.

22. Comment on:

— Mark Chagall's words: "It helped me to penetrate into the heart of the French painting";

— A. Akhmatova's words: "He took his magic Vitebsk to Paris";

— Chagall's activity as the Commissioner on the problems of art in Vitebsk.

23. Prove that:

— Mark Chagall loved his Motherland very much;

— Mark Chagall loved children;

— Belarusian people respect .Mark Chagall greatly.

24. Imagine that:

— You are going to interview the organizer of Mark Chagall's exhibition. Role-play a dialogue with your partner.

— Your friend is a TV friend. You want him to accompany you to Chagall's museum. Try to persuade him/her to go with you. Role-play a dialogue with your partner.

— Your class is going to visit Mark Chagall’s museum in Vitebsk. You know nothing about him, but luckily your friend is a connoisseur of painting. Ask him to inform you about Mark Chagall and his style of painting. Role-play a dialogue with your partner.

25. Comprehension check. Choose the best alternative according to the text:

1. Moisey Chagall was horn in Vitebsk and

a) his father was a trader;

b) his father was a jeweller;

c) he spent all his life in this town.

2. He entered the art school

a) of Ieguda Pen at the age of 20;

b) and very soon became a famous artist;

c) when he was a schoolboy.

3. At the art school, being a rather promising artist, Chagall

a) inherited some features of Pen's manner of painting;

b) helped the other pupils to master the secrets of painting;

c) was difficult to deal with.

4. When Mark Chagall studied at the art school

a) he developed his own style of painting;

b) he exhibited his pictures in Paris;

c) he got acquainted with S.Esenin.

5. After finishing the art school Mark Chagall and his friend Victor Mekler

a) decided to open their own art school;

b) went to study to Petersburg;

c) went to Paris to study painting.

6. Chagall's love towards Bella Rosenfeld

a) made him very happy;

b) inspired him to create splendid pictures;

c) gave him possibility to become famous.

7. Maxim Vinaver gave Chagall money

a) to set up his own business;

b) to organize his first exhibition;

c) to carry on his studies abroad.

8. In Paris Mark Chagall

a) craved for meetings with professors;

b) married Bella Rosenfeld;

c) observed the life of city dwellers.

9. Mark Chagall's pictures

a) were destroyed by a madman;

b) appealed to experts;

c) were true to life.

10. When Chagall lived in Paris he

a) frequented exhibitions and museums;

b) founded the National Art School;

c) kept away from exhibitions and museums.

11. Mark Chagall painted his Vitebsk series

a) on cardboard and paper;

b) on wrapping paper;

c) on canvas and paper.

12. Chagall's in-laws

a) were proud of their daughter's husband;

b) didn't approve of their daughter's choice;

c) were connoisseurs of art.

13. In 1918 Mark Chagall was appointed

a) the Commissioner on the problems of art in Vitebsk region;

b) me Headmaster of the art school in Vitebsk;

c) the Chief painter of Vitebsk district.

14. At that time Chagall

a) worked much drawing portraits of his wife;

b) taught poor children the art of painting;

c) opened the National Art School.

15. In 1920 Chagall left Vitebsk for

a) Paris;

b) Moscow;


16. He confessed that

a) he liked Paris more than his natiye town;

b) Paris was the soil nourishing the roots of his art;

c) Paris was the only place where he could work fruitfully.

17. In each of his pictures Mark Chagall returned in dreams to

a) his friends and places where he had lived;

b) his parents and his childhood;

c) his native place on the banks of the Dvina river.

18. In his pictures Mark Chagall demonstrated

a) his love to his native land by means of his mastery;

b) his love to his wife and his daughter;

c) his unusual sense of mind.

19. The museum, named after Chagall was opened in

a) Minsk only in 2004;

b) Vitebsk only in 1991;

c) Paris only in 1992.

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