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18. Choose a word from the box to put into each gap:

1. It is said in many books that the family of Radzivills was the most... and rich in old times. 2. They were famous for their big ... of books, weaponry and other rare and ... objects. 3. Niekolay Radzivill Chorny pursued a firm policy of strengthening of... of the Belarusian state throughout his entire political .... 4. Due to his consistent political position, our state reached its highest... with its public life based on.. principles. 5. At this time the Radzivills were preoccupied with ... and lived in Krakow. 6. It is said that there were golden bars in the castle but no one has been able to find out where ... had gone.

legal, valuable, treasures, sovereignty, noble, prosperity, big politics,

collection, career

19. Fill in the table with the main events from the text:











20. Draw the family tree of the Radzivills:


21. Work in groups. Find out from your partners:

— what members of the Radzivill family they know;

— who founded the first Slavic secular theatre in Neswizh;

— what policy Nikolay Radzivill Chorny followed;

— what Nikolay Kristof Radzivill Sirotka was notorious for;

— who rebuilt the town of Neswizh;

— whether the treasures of the Radzivill's castle have been found.

22. Comment on:

— the treasures that the family of Radzivills had;

— the political views of Nickolay Radzivill Chomy;

— the fight against Calvinism.

24. Prove that:

— the Radzivill family was the most famous family in the history of Belarus;

— Barbara Radzivill was the most beautiful woman of her time;

— the Radzivills were very rich.

25. Imagine that:

—You are a guide in the local museum. One of the visitors is interested in the life of Nikolay Radzivill Chorny. Role-play a dialogue with your partner on the topic.

— Your teacher of history is ill and she asks you to give a Jesson to younger pupils instead of her. What are you going to tell them about the Radzivills?

26. Comprehension check. Choose the best alternative according to the text:

1. The family of Radzivill was

a) the richest in Belarus;

b) the most renowned at that time;

c) the poorest in Belarus.

2. The family left its imprint

a) only on the political life;

b) on all the spheres of social and political life;

c) on the sphere of education only.

3. For centuries they had been meticulously collecting and preserving a lot of rare and valuable objects

a) with the aim to give them to one of the famous museums;

b) to create their own museum;

c) with the aim to hide them in the Neswizh caches.

4. The Radzivills built painting shops

a) with their own money;

b) and then sold them to other rich families;

c) with the money from the state budget.

5. Barbara Radzivill, the most beautiful woman of her time,

a) married the Polish king Zyhimont II August;

b) was the Queen of Poland and Duchess of Lithuania;

c) issued orders to burn books.

6. Nickolay Radzivill Chorny

a) filled high and responsible posts in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania;

b) collected old books and jewelry;

c) was the head of the Radzivill family.

7. Throughout his entire political career he

a) tried to strengthen the sovereignty of the Polish state;

b) tried to weaken the sovereignty of the Belarusian state;

c) tried to strengthen the sovereignty of the Belarusian state.

8. As chancellor, Nickolay Radzivill wisely defined new priorities for our state's foreign policy

a) in the 18th century that led to a closer integration with the countries of Asia and Africa;

b) in the 16 th century that led to a closer integration with.the countries of Western and Northern Europe;

c) in the 17 th century that led to a closer integration with the countries of Eastern and Northern Europe.

9. The efforts of Nickolay Radzivill led to

a) the creation of a new theatre troupe in Belarus;

b) the development of higher education;

c) the establishment of large publishing centres.

10. Duke Nickolay Radzivill knew

a) the Belarusian, Polish and other European languages;

b) the Belarusian, English and German languages;

c) many European languages.

11. Nickolay Kristof Radzivill Sirotka headed

a) the struggle against the Swedish King Karl XII;

b) the fight against Calvinism;

c) the movement against burning books published by Calvinist printing houses.

12. Nickolay Kristof Radzivill Sirotka made great effort

a) to build a new family palace in Grodno;

b) to update the architecture of the Radzivill palace in Neswizh;

c) to build a new palace for his wife in Neswizh.

13. Nickolay KristofRadzivillSirotka was famous as

a) the architect of his family palace in Neswizh;

b) the author of many plays in the Belarusian language;

c) the author describing his journey to different countries.

14. Under the Magdeburg right the citizens of Neswizh

a) suffered from the exploitation by foreign invaders;

b) lived in a time of peace;

c) were in state of war with Poland.

15. The Swedish King Karl XII

a) ruined Neswizh completely;

b) bought a castle in Neswizh;

c) was a great friend of the Radzivills.

16. For about two decades the Radzivills

a) were in state of war with the Swedish King Karl XII;

b) were interested in politics and lived in other cities;

c) lived in Russia.

17. Prince Mikhail Kazimir Radzivill Rybonka

a) rained some Swedish towns;

b) was the governor of Vilno;

c) rebuilt Neswizh and the castle.

18. Franciska Ursula Radzivill was famous as

a) a writer of comedies and drama;

b) a great actress of a local theatre;

c) the most beautiful woman of her time.

19. The founders of the first Slavic secular theatre were

a) Franciska Ursula Radzivill and her husband Nickolay Kristof Radzi­vill Sirotka;

b) Duke Nickolay Radzivill and his son Nickolay Kristof Radzivill Sirotka;

c) Franciska Ursula Radzivill and her husband Mikhail Kazimir Radzivill Rybonka.

20. The suite of the Polish King was astonished by

a) the golden bars they had seen in the Radzivill castle;

b) the beauty and richness of the Radzivill castle;

c) the amount of the books and rare things they had seen in the Radzivill's castle.

21. Everybody thinks that the treasures are

a) taken by the heirs of the Radzivills;

b) hidden in the Neswizh caches;

c) found the special search parties; which were send by the Nazis.

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