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18. Choose a word from the box to put into each gap:

1. Grodno architectural school had no ... in Eastern Europe. 2. The Roman-Catholic Cathedral ... like a white bird above the Freedom Square. 3. The clock on one of the towers of the Roman-Catholic Cathedral ... every hour and needs to be wound up manually. 4. The city attracted attention of numerous conquerors, who considered the city a natural war ... . 5. In 1673 every third Seym of Rzecz Pospolita was held in (Grodno and it noticeably ... the political status of the city. 6. Elisa Ozhechko was very much respected by the city ... .7. Anthony Tyzhen- gauz wanted ... the industrial development of the town and invited craftsmen from all around Europe to Grodno.

to hasten, outpost, hovers, analogues, chimes, dwellers, raised

19. Fill in the table:


11 century

17 th century







20. Work in groups. Find out from your partners:

— what they know about Grodno architectural school;

— what they know about the political status of Grodno in the past;

— what monuments one can see in Grodno.

21. Prove that:

— the geographical position of the towrj influenced its economical de­velopment;

— Grodno is a city full of history.

22. Comment on:

— the important historical events of the Belarusian history which either took place in Grodno or were realized with the help of Grodno citizens;

— the second name of Grodno "the Neman Diamond".

23. Imagine that:

— You are going to visit your friend who lives in Grodno. You want to see as many sights as possible. You ask your friend about these places. Role-play a dialogue with your partner.

— You have just visited Grodno. You come to school and your classmates want to ask you about your impressions. Share-your memories with your friends and tell them about the most interesting things you have seen. Role-play a dia­logue with your partners.

— You have to write an essay on some of the most important events from the Belarusian history. You go to the library and ask for information. The librarian recommends you a book about Grodno history. You decide together what events you can choose to write about. Role-play a dialogue with your partner.

— You are collecting the facts for your own book-of records related to Be­larus. Discuss with your friend what facts from the history of Grodno can be useful for you. Role-play a dialogue with your partner.

24. Comprehension check. Choose the best alternative according to the text:

1. Among other ancient towns of Belarus Grodno is special because

a) of the number of its sights;

b) it was lucky to stay practically intact during numerous wars and to save its heritage;

c) it belonged to different states during its history.

2. Grodno was first mentioned in the Ipatievskaya chronicle

a) in 1128;

b) in 1218;

c) in 1129.

3. Kolozhskaya Orthodox Church is known all over Belarus and even outside it because

a) it is the only example of the exceptional Grodno architectural school;

b) it has three stone walls and a wooden oae:

c) it is a monument of the 11th century.

4. The originality of Kolozhskaya Orthodox Church can be seen

a) in any weather;

b) only in sunny weather;

c) only after some rain.

5. In the centre ofthe city you can find .

a) the Roman-Catholic Cathedral decorated with the statues of St. Peter att| St. Paul;

b) the Old Market;

c) an art school of local craftsmen.

6. But for its unique architectural school, Grodno had

a) ancient traditions in cloth weaving;

b) a school of icon painting;

c) s school of processing wood so that it looked like metal.

7. Nowadays the famous Grodno clock decorates

a) the City Hall;

b) one of the towers of the Roman-Catholic Cathedral;

c) Kolozhskaya Orthodox Church

8. The clock was

a) partially destroyed during the Patriotic War of 1812;

b) miraculously not destroyed by a bomb during the World War II;

c) repaired several times during its history.

9. The Bernardine Cathedral in Grodno can be added to unique architectural monuments thanks to

a) its docor which is very close to that of the Kuln Cathedral;

b) the fact that Grodno knights built it themselves;

c) the long period of its construction which took about 5 centuries.

10. In 10-13 th centuries Grodno was attacked several times by German knights


a) it was an important war outpost and opened the way to further seizure;

b) the town was very rich;

c) it was the most developed town of those days.

11. Vitoyt's reign in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was very important for Grod­no because

a) he rebuilt the town;

b) he improved the economical position of the town;

c) it became the second capital of the state during those times.

12. Durirtg the times of Rzecz Pospolita Grodno

a) was in desolation;

b) added much to its grandeur and was a royal residence;

c) didn't see any special changes in its life.

13. Nowadays the so-called "silent" Seym of 1793 is known as the date

a) of Stanislav August Ponyatovsky's abdication;

b) of the second partition of Rzecz Pospolita;

c) of the first partition of Rzecz Pospolita.

14. The street where El is a Ozhechko lived was once called

a) the Street of Luxury;

b) the Street of Abundance; .

c) the Street of Foreigners.

15. Today Grodno welcomes the representatives of different religions and con­fessions because

a) it is historically a multinational city;

b) Grodno is a centre of cultural life of our country;

c) the Republican National Festival of Cultures is held there.

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