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7. Combine the words with the help of the preposition of:

1. family

2. love

3. on the banks

4. the life

5. one

6. in each

7. the addresses

8. the heart

9. grimaces

10. part and parcel

a. native land

b. a merchant

с. horror

d. academies

e. his pictures

f. the French painting

g. the Dvina river

h. poor people

i. the best students

g. the best students

8. Give the comparative and superlative of the following adjectives:

Poor, good, young, rich, different, famous, wonderful, mad, tiny, capricious.

9. Give the three forms of the following verbs:

To make, to speak, to fall, to leave, to go, to say, to meet, to give, to teach.

10. Give the plural of:

Merchant, country, representative, address, city, sky, cafe, shop-window, fantasy, horror, celebrity, success.

11. Write the derivatives of the following words:

Painting, dream, inspire^ study, magic, different, representative, meeting, wonderful, penetrate, exhibition.

12. These words can be used both as verbs and nouns. Make up your own sentences to show the difference in their usage:

Address, visit, work, dream, waste, study.

13. Read these expressions and find their English equivalents in the text:

Именно там; многообещающий молодой художник; их образ жизни; возглавляемую; его любовь вдохновляла его; он был замечен; вместе с другими молодыми художниками; его сумасшедшие картины; детская манера; знатоки искусства; он подружился; не марать бумагу дома; не важно, где и когда его кисть касалась полотна; названный в честь.

14. Read the text and get ready to speak about Mark Chagall:

Our great countryman: mark chagall

Moisey (Mark) Chagall was born into a family of a poor merchant in Vitebsk in 1887. At the age of 20 he entered the art school of Ieguda Pen. It was there where Chagall gained experience and worked out his unique manner of painting. And besides the promising young artist inherited some features of Pen's manner of painting. Chagall's main theme was: poor people and their mode of life. It should be mentioned that Pen's art school was the best at that time and young artists had been dreaming to study there.

After finishing art school Mark ChagalLand his friend Victor Mekler went to study to Petersburg. Chagall studied at the school headed by N. Roerikh. He was one of the best students.

In 1909 he met Bella (Berta) Rosenfeld, a daughter of a rich jeweller from Vitebsk, and fell in love with her. His love inspired him to create splendid pictures and it started to bring fame to him. He worked much at that time and was noticed by Maxim Vinaver, who granted Chagall the scholar of 125 francs a month to continue his studies abroad. Mark went to Paris. A. Akhmatova wrote, "He took his magic Vitebsk to Paris".

In Paris Chagall lived and worked alongside with other young artists who had come from different countries to master painting. And we must admit later a lot of them became famous representatives of the French drawing school. He also got acquainted with P.Picasso, F.Lezhe and others. In one of his letters Cha­gall wrote, "In Paris I neither looked for the addresses of Academies nor craved for meetings with professors. Generally speaking the city itself taught me: its streets, merchants under the open sky, boys in the cafes, peasants and workers. There was a wonderful free light above them all. It helped me to penetrate into the heart of the French painting." He visited different exhibition», museums and spent a lot of time by shop-windows with pictures. A. Lunacharsky wrote about him, “He is known in Paris. His mad pictures are painted in a bit childish manner, They are full of rich and capricious fantasy, grimaces of horror and humour, but they have nttiHciciJ tlip attention of the connoisseurs of art."

In 1914 Chagall came back to Russia, He started to work at the so-called "Vitebsk's series" which consisted of 60 pictures on cardboard and paper. The writer Yuri Nagibin underlined, "It's difficult to understand Chagall if we with­draw Vitebsk from his life. Neither Petersburg, where he studied, nor Moscow, where he worked, nor France, where he had lived the largest part of his life, gave him even the tiniest part of the impressions that Vitebsk had presented to him".

In 1915 Chagall married Bella Rosenfeld. He realized that his wife's relatives were against their marriage. That's why they went to Petrograd. There he made friends with A. Block, V. Mayakovsky, S. Esenin, B. Pasternak, B. Bonch-Brue-vich and other celebrities. He organized his first personal exhibition which was a great success. In 1916 his daughter Ida was born and in 1918 he was appointed the Commissioner onthe problems of art in Vitebsk region. He had a right to open art schools, museums and to organize exhibitions, lectures and reports on art. Together with his four pupils Chagall took part in the decoration of Vitebsk for the first an­niversary of the Great October Revolution. He founded the National Art School in Vitebsk. He wrote, "I want the children of poor town dwellers to study art and not to waste paper at home". In 1919 the first State Exhibition of local and Moscow artists was organized in Vitebsk. 41 painters took part in it and Chagall was among them.

In 1920 Chagall left Vitebsk for Moscow and then he went to Paris. He ex­plained, "I left my Motherland because I had come to the conclusion that I needed Paris. The soil nourishing the roots of my art is Vitebsk. But Paris is necessary for my life as water for a tree".

He died inl 985 in Sen-Pol-de-Vense.

In each of his pictures, Mark Chagall returned in dreams to his native place on the banks of the Dvina river. No matter where in the world Ms brush was touching the canvas, the painter's love to the Vitebsk of his childhood and youth was part and parcel of his life. Perhaps this very unique "Vitebsk's breeding" allowed Chagall to keep the perception of childhood in this creative work forever. In a single moment, he woke up too early from his childhood dreams, and, later on, he tried to revive mat moment in his canvases again and again. He demonstrated his love of his native land by means of his mastery. A Latvian journalist compares this sort of mastering with Nabokov's idea, "The difference between comic and cosmic lies in a simple letter". Chagall managed to keep his world within the reaches of this single letter.

The museum, named after Chagall, was opened in Vitebsk only in 1991. We must admit that until that time, few people took the risk of publishing books or " organizing exhibitions of Chagall's works in the former Soviet Union.

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