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18. Choose the word from the box to put into each gap:

1. This castle has been......the city of Neswizh in Grodno region. 2. The Castle of Neswizh is erected on a peninsula, on the right coast of the ...... 3. It was

surrounded by the … ...., filled with Water. 4. The massive three-tier building with

a high tower was erected to ...... of the entrance in the castle yard. 5. The shaft of

the castle covered all the ground floor of the building from .... 6. From the external

side of the moat there was a wide road which was protected by a low earthen .... 7. A lot of years ago the Castle of Neswizh was ... as one of the most powerful and perfect constructions of this type. 8. The ... was constructed before the gate. 9. The moat around the town carried out one more function: it was ... for the fish. 10. The castle is included into the architectural complex of ancient constructions of the Republic of Belarus and represents.........of our country.

the right, embankment, river Usha, wide moat, property and the heritage, bombardment, considered, constructed in, nursery, drawbridge

19. Fill in the table:


the winter of 1581

170 x l20 meters

5 gates of the castle

20. Work in groups. Find out from your partners:

— what member of Radzivill family they know;

— what kind of the construction was the Castle of Neswizh;

— what has happened to the castle;

— what treasures does the castle have.

21. Comment on:

— construction of the castle;

— its defensive means.

22. Prove that:

— the Radzivills were very rich;

— the castle was very big, powerful and strong;

— the construction of the castle was rather complicated.

23. Imagine that:

— You are a guide in the local museum. One of the visitors is interested n the changes which were made to the castle. Role-play a dialogue with your partner on the topic. .

— Your friend comes to your place and asks you to tell him about Belaru-ian's castles. Share the information you know.

24. Comprehension check. Choose the best alternative according to the text:

1. The Castle of Neswizh has been

a) reconstructed in Polotsk region;

b) constructed in the city of Neswizh in Grodno region;

c) restored in the city of Neswizh in Minsk region.

2. During the board ofNikolay Radzivill — the prince of Neswizh, the construc-ionof the Castle of Neswizh was started in

a) 1583;

b) 1654;


3. The Castle of Neswizh is erected on a peninsula, on the right coast of the river a) Svisloch;



4. The shaft was enclosed

a) with wood and the temples which were built inside it;

b) with metal and the towers which were built opposite it;

c) with stones and the entrenchments which were built behind it.

5. A spacious castle yard was surrounded by

a) three buildings;

b) two houses;

c) five walls.

6. Thanks to its architectural construction the Castle of Neswizh has sustained many attacks from:

a) the opponent's part which was trying to destruct it;

b) the enemy's part which was rather weaker;

c) the friends'part.

7. The city strengthening and constructions were basically

a) finished by the end of the 16th century;

b) reconstructed by the beginning of the-14th century;

c) restored by the second half of the 17th century.

8. The castle was enclosed with the shaft which was

a) triangle with one tower;

b) quadrangle with three towers;

c) like a pentagon with seven towers.

9. The moat around the town carried out one more function:

a) it was nursery for the fish;

b) it was a shed for domestic animals;

c) it was such a place where children could swim and play.

10. From the western and northern part of the embankment there was

a) the crest of the rampart;

b) the peninsular;

c) the moat.

11. From the southern and eastern part of the embankment there were

a) the lake;

b) deep ponds;

c) the sea.

12. Small monasteries with the complexes of

a) wooden buildings which stood in the unnoticed places had a great defen­sive function and opened,the road to the castle;

b) stone constructions which stood in the favorable places had a great value and closed the road to the efastle;

c) constructions made of stone which stood in the open places had aesthetic value and had the function of decoration.

13. The Castle of Neswizh was a rich cultural centre some years ago:

a) the museum of the ancient clothes, a rich collection of the weapon from all over the world, manuscripts and old letters were placed in it;

b) collections of coins and medals, pictures, old documents, the library, well- known belts of Slutsk;

c) the library, portrait and picture galleries, a rich collection of the weapon from all over the world, well-known belts of Slutsk, magnificent furniture, collec­tions of coins and medals were placed in it.

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