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24. Comprehension check. Choose the best alternative according to the text:

1. At the end of the 15,h — the beginning of the 16lh century a new type of church buildings, strengthened with the help of..., has appeared in Belarus

a) pentagon towers;

b) quadrangular towers;

c) angular towers.

2. The first temple of such a type became

a) the Catholic church in Nizhniy Novgorod; b.) the Sophia cathedral in Polotsk; c) the Christian church in Kiev.

3. During the time of the siege of Polotsk this church was a refuge for the

a) rich townspeople;

b) poor workers; :

c) all people.

4. There were also relics and treasures of the town in it, one of them was

a) a famous gallery;

b) a huge library;

c) a magnificent museum.

5. Polotsk was considered as "the key" from

a) Poland and Germany;

b) Russia and Ukraine;

c) Livonia and Lithuania.

6. The five-tower Sophia Cathedral

a) had been almost destroyed till 1712;

b) had existed in the Top castle till 1710;

c) had existed in the Bottom castle till 1600.

7. In the x Sophia Cathedral the ..., too.

a) ambassadors from all over the world were accepted;

b) guests from the neighbou countries were accepted;

c) investigators from all over the world were accepted.

8. In 1607 the Sophia Cathedral

a) was rebuilt and restored and received a new name after the war;

b) disappeared forever after the struggle with Peter the First;

c) burnt down during the fire.

9. In 1738-1780 it was

a) rebuilt in a mighty five-storied and two-tower gothic church;

b) replaced and given a new name — the catholic church;

c) reconstructed in the two-tower baroque church.

10. Now in the building of Sophia Cathedral is a

a) concert hall;

b) art gallery;

c) historical museum.

11. Distinct defensive features had also other town church constructions: ...

a) the Catholic Cathedral and the Christian church;

b) the Jesuit complex and the Jesuit church;

c) the Jesuit complex and the Jesuit school.

12. Initial function of the given castle had a defensive character; its stone build­ings had created an additional zone of defense

a) which the opponent could not take without the help of special technique;

b) but the enemy could possibly destroy it and appear in the town;

c) which the enemy tried to take-by storm.

13. Cathedrals of such a type keep ancient history, enigmatic events which draw attention of

a) historians from Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus;

b) people from all over the world;

c) sculptors and architects of our Republic

Unit XVIII a holy place: drutsk

1. Pay attention to the following words. Pick out sentences with these words from the text and read them:

The church of the Virgin Saint — Церковь непорочного зачатия;

His Pure Mother's mercy — благословение его пречистой матушки;

Slavonic language — славянский язык;

the Russian Academy of Sciences — Российская Академия наук;

the Belarusian Academy of Sciences — Белорусская Академия наук;

the first Orthodox" Church— первая Православная Церковь;

God's ways are inscrutable — Пути Господни неисповедимы;

Kulikovskoye field —Куликово поле;

The Gryunvald Battle — Грюнвальдская битва;

the Great Principality of Lithuania — Великое княжество Литовское;

A blessing by the Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia, Alexey the 2nd — и всея Руси, Алексия второго благословление Патриарха Московского;

The Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, the Patriarch of all Belarus' Filaret — Митрополит Минский и Слуцкий, патриарший экзарх всея Беларуси Филарет;

Historical Chronology of Drutsk— историческая хронология Друцка.

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