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15. Answer the following questions:

1. When was Khatyn surrounded by fascists? 2. What had happened to the people of the village? 3. Was it possible for them to rescue? 4. Who were shot immediately and why? 5. How many people were killed? 6. Who was rescued? 7. How did people save his life? 8. Who was Iosif Kaminski for the famous sculptor? 9. How does the memorial complex look like? 10. What destiny was prepared to the whole territory of the Republic of Belarus? 11. What kind of plates is represented in Khatyn? 12. How many cities, city settlements and villages were burnt? 13. What was the decision of the government? 14. What has happened during one of the celebrations of the liberation of the Republic of Belarus? 15. How many camps of death were on the territory of Belarus and what were they? 16. What does recollect the names of the tortured victims? 17. Who were the architects of Khatyn? 18. Why was the village not reconstructed? 19. Where the sacred flame is burning? 20. What is written on the plates?

16. Agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. On March, 24, 1942 the group of fascists under Dirlewangef's command had surrounded the village Khatyn. 2. AH the inhabitants of Khatyn — women, old men and children — were driven to the forest and burnt. 3. Those who were trying to escape from a fiery ring were immediately rescued. 4. 149 men, and among them 76 children had been forever lain in one communal grave. 5. The only person from the adult inhabitants who has rescued was Sergey Selikhanov. 6. Only after two days people picked him up, hid and cured him. 7. 345 villages were completely destroyed by invaders. 8. The direct wooden wall adjoins to strict squares of monuments. 9. Under the decision of the government of Russia the memorial complex of the burnt village Khatyn has been erected. 10. During one of the celebrations of the liberation of the Republic of Belarus from German aggres­sors the torch has been delivered to Khatyn. 11. In Gomel — near 100,000, 209 cities and city settlements were transformed into ruins, 9200 villages were burnt. 12. The sacred flame is burning under the three birches and reminds people each fifth victim of our republic. People come here once a year.

17. Put the right preposition where necessary:

1. People come here every day, day ... day. 2. The fire was brought... the Eternal flame that burns ... the monument of the Victory in Minsk. 3. .„ the de­cision of the government ... Belarus the memorial complex ... the burnt village Khatyn has been erected: 4. 209 cities and city settlements were transformed ... ruins, 9 200 villages were burnt 5. They were rebuilt... fellow countrymen of the victims. 6. The direct stone wall adjoins ... strict squares of monuments. 7. 136 villages were completely destroyed ... invaders.

18. Choose the word from the box to put into each gap:

1. Doors of the shed had failed under the ... of... bodies. 2. They were not ... evenafterthe war. 3. The memorial wall was ... in memory of prisoners of the camps of death. 4. 136 villages were completely destroyed by.... 5. 209 cities and city settlements were ... ruins, 9 200 villages were burnt. 6. Above them were built chimneys-arrows, ... bronze bells. 7. They have risen from the ... after the war. 8. From the sculptural composition it conducts directly to the memorial.... which has immortalized the memory of other villages of Belarus, which shared the ... of Khatyn.

the destiny, invaders, topped with, ensemble, restored, constructed,

ashes, transformed into pressure, flaring

19. Fill in the table with the events from the text:

March 22, 1943

9200 villages

149 men and 76 children

136 villages

34 villages

26 houses

296 Belarus villages

206,500 citizens

20. Work in groups. Find out your partners:

— what they know about the tragedy of Khatyn;

— how many people were burnt;

— what they know about IosifKaminski;

— how the memorial looks like;

— what the bells symbolize.

21. Comment on:

— the tragedy of Khatyn;

— the destiny of people;

— the specific construction of the monument.

22. Prove that:

— the history of Belarus during the World War Two was rather tragic;

— every fourth person was killed.

23. Imagine that:

— You are to prepare a report on the history of the World War Two and the place of Belarus in it, you go to the library and ask the librarian to help you to find some information about the events you are interested in. Role-play a dialogue in the library with your partner.

— You are a young teacher of history. Your first lesson is devoted to the vil­lage Khatyn. What are you going to tell your pupils?

— You are taking your exam in history. You are to speak about Khatyn. What are you going to tell your teacher?

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