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18. Choose a word from the box to put into each gap:

1. The Radzivills' family was the greatest and most ... magnate family that lived on the lands of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. 2. There is a legend that says that the king ordered the town to be burned and that the ... around it to be destroyed. 3. The Radzivills ... with big politics at that time and were located in Krakow, Warsaw and Vilnius. 4. The ... suggest that it was Mikhail Radzivill who rebuilt the town and the castle. 5. The castle had one. of the richest libraries, with close to 10,000 ... in Latin, French and Polish. 6. Nowadays the Radzivills' ... consists of the palace, a church and" a number of parks. 7. The Catholic Jesuit Church is also a patrimonial ...of the Radzivills.

tomb, ramparts, were preoccupied, outstanding, historians, heritage, volumes

19. Fill in the table:


15th century






20. Work in groups. Find out from your partners:

— what they know about the Radzivills'heritage;

— whatthey know about the history of Neswizh;

— why Neswizh is popular with tourists.

21. Prove that:

— the Radzivills' contribution into the development of the town was great;

— several centuries ago Neswizh could be compared in its beauty, design and other things with many European towns.

22. Comment on:

— the architecture of Neswizh;

— the highlights of-Neswizh history.

23. Imagine that:

— You have already come back from Neswizh and you meet your friend. You are very impressed'and want to tell him about Neswizh and its sights. Role-play a dialogue with your partner.

— You and your friend want to watch TV. Your friend chooses a movie but on " another channel there is a programme on Neswizh and its history. Talk your friend into watching it. Role-play a dialogue with your partner.

— Your family wants to go on holiday. You have an idea to visit Neswizh. Tell your parents that they also have to see this remarkable town. Role-play a dia­logue with your partners.

— A friend from Great Britain conies to you and wants to visit some interest­ing places in Belarus. Tell him about Neswizh and recommend to see its sights. Role-play a dialogue with your partner.

24. Comprehension check. Choose the best alternative according to the text:

1. In 1224 Neswizh was first mentioned in the chronicles

a) as a small settlement;

b) as a trade center;

c) as a town with strong-fortifications.

2. The 15lh century can be characterized as

a) a difficult period in the history of the town;

b) the time of rapid development;

c) a war period for Neswizh.

3. The renowned Neswizh castle was built in a comparatively short time

a) in about 30 years;

b) in more than 50 years;

c) in a century.

4. Neswizh and its castle were well-protected against attach due to

a) numerous stone gates;

b) a big moat;

c) several towers in different parts of the town.

5. Neswizh bramas looked like

a) fortresses;

b) churches;

c) simple gates.

6. The castle was built with the help of

a) Italian architects;

b) Spanish architects;

c) only Belarasian builders.

7. At the end of the 16'h century Neswizh continued to grow rapidly thanks to

a) the invention of book printing;

b) numerous war campaigns of Neswizh knights;

c) the Magdeburg right.

8. Karol Stanislaw Radzivill was known as

a) a greedy and reserved person;

b) an organizer of endless festivities;

c) a monk.

9. Numerous guests coming to the Neswizh castle were

a) impressed by the wealth of its owners;

b) struck by its poor condition;

c) struck by the owners' greed.

10. Nowadays, but for the castle, one can also see

a) a big library with close to 10,000 volumes in Latin, French and Polish;

b) a large art gallery with nearly 1,000 paintings;

c) several parks belonging to the Radzivills'heritage.

11. The Catholic Jesuit Church was erected in 1584-1593 by

a) Giovanni Maria Bernardoni;

b) Viniola;

c) Michelangelo.

12. Being a remarkable sight of Neswizh, the Farny Cathedral is

a) a concert hall;

b) an art gallery;

c) a patrimonial tomb of the Radzivills.

13. SymonBudny is famous

a) as the inventor of book printing in Belarus;

b) for having printed the first book in the Belarasian language;

c) as a translator of Belarasian texts into other languages.

14. Neswizh parks were taken care of by

a) Antony Radzivill;

b) Karol Stanislaw Radzivill;

c) Maria de Kastelyan de Taleiran.

15. Nowadays Neswizh is

a) a popular tourist center;

b) a resort;

c) an industrial center of Belarus.

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