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18. Choose a word from the box to put into each gap:

1. There are many factual ... that the castle was built at the beginning of the 16th century. 2. The first owner was a representative of a ... feudal family. 3. The fortifications of the castle could urgently stop a ... attack. 4. The ... of long and short sides of bricks in building is characteristic of Belarusian Gothic. 5. During . its history the castle was destroyed, burnt and ... several times. 6. The last owners of the castle added new elements to the palace-park ... .

ensemble, proves, restored, notable, alternation, sudden

19. Fill in the table:













20. Work in groups. Find out from your partners:

— what they know about the first owners of the Mir Castle;

— what they know about its ancient fortifications;

— what historical event the Mir Castle survived;

— what the most significant event was;

— whether it was always a castle.

21. Prove that:

— the Mir Castle is a great cultural and historical monument for Belarus;

— everyone in Belarus should visit the Mir Castle.

22. Comment on:

— different periods in the foundation and building of the Mir Castle;

— the life of the Mir Castle during piece and wartimes;

the value of the Mir Castle for the Belarusian people.

23. Imagine that:

— You work at a travel agency. You recommend your client to make a tour to Mir. Role-play a dialogue with your partner.

— You have just turned from the Mir Castle. Your friend asks about your impression. Role-play a dialogue with your partner.

— Your class wants to visit some interesting places of Belarus. You are sure thatjt is the Mir Castle. Role-play a dialogue with your partners.

24. Comprehension check. Choose the best alternative according to the text:

1. The first information about the Mir Castle dates back to the

a) 13th century;

b) 15th century;

c) 16th century.

2. The surname of the first owner was a) Iljinich;


c) Svyatopolk-Mirsky.

3. The castle was built instead of

a) an old church

b) a farmstead;

c) a monastery.

4. The towers are

a) shorter that the palace itself;

b) higher than the palace;

c) of the same height,

5. For the protection against sudden attacks the fifth tower had

a) a drawbridge;

b) a forged grille-'chersa'and a drawbridge;

c) two rows of loopholes.

6. The style of the castle can be defined as

a) the Belarusian Gothic;

b) the Renaissance style;

c) a combination of the two.

7. The Radzivills added some more elements to the fortifications of the Mir Castle. They are

a) earth walls;

b) a water moat and earth walls:

c) several towers.

8. The artificial lake at the territory of the castle has a notorious glory because

a) one of the owners sank in it;

b) many military men were killed there in 1812;

c) a blossoming garden was cut down to make it.

9. In the 17th-19 th centuries the Mir Castle was attacked by

a) two armies;

b) three armies;

c) five armies.

10. The Swedish siege was really destructive for the castle because

a) it took more than 20 years;

b) it took 10 years and after that the buildings and facilities were burnt;

c) the troops destroyed it by canon shooting.

11. The Svyatopolk-Mirskies took possession of the castle because

a) they were the only heirs;

b) they wanted to transform the castle into a resort;

c) they just bought it and wanted to settle there.

12. The Svyatopolk-Mirskies used the form of a bell-tower

a) to build the entrance into the whole ensemble;

b) to build a burial chapel for the family;

c) to restore one of the towers.

13. During World War 11 the Mir Castle was converted into

a) a hospital;

b) a ghetto;

c) a storehouse.

14. The reconstruction work of the Mir Castle started

a) more than 20 years ago;

b) more than 40 years ago;

c) 25 years ago.

15. The Mir Castle is on the list of

a) monuments of the regional value;

b) monuments of the republican value;

c) monuments of the world value.

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