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15. Answer the following questions:

1. When was the Sophia Cothedral constructed? 2. How did the Sophia; Cathedral look like? 3. How many years had the five-tower Polotsk Sophia existed in the Top castle? 4. What was the church during the time of siege? 5. Where were relics and other treasures kept? 6. Where were the ambassadors accepted: 7. Where had the name of the temple been-immortalized? 6. What happened to the Sophia Cathedral in 1607? 8. What were the changes in it construction afterj the fire? 9. What was in the Sophia Cathedral during the days of Northern war? 10. What was the result of the explosion? 11. How was the church reconstructed in 1738-1780? 12. What was found during the archeological studying?13. What closed the way to the bridge across a defensive moat of the Top castle? 14. How many roads led to the castle? 15. What kind of function did the castle have? 16. How many cathedrals of that type are all over the world? 17. What is the Sophia Cathedral today?

16. Agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. At the end of the 15th — the beginning of the 16th century a new type: of church buildings, strengthened with the help of angular towers, appearedj in Belarus. 2. The first temple of such a type became the Sophia Cathedral in Kiev.; 3. Polotsk was considered as "the key" from Livonia and Lithuania. 4. During the. time of the siege of Polotsk this church was a refuge for the poor townspeople j 5. There were also relics and treasures of the town in it; one of them was-a magnificent gallery. 6. In 1607 the Sophia Cathedral burnt down during the fire; 7. Now in the building of the Sophia Cathedral there is a church. 8. In May 1780 it unexpectedly blew up, and the temple had been actually destroyed. 9. Initial function of the given castle had a defensive character. 10. There are only three such cathedrals all over the world: in Polotsk, Nizhniy Novgorod and Minsk.

17. Put the right prepositions where necessary:

1. They keep ancient history, enigmatic events which draw attention ... people ... all... the world 2. Its stone buildings had created an additional zone .. defense, which the enemy tried to take ... storm. 3. In the territory ... the Bottorrt

castle was one more five-tower temple ... the catholic type. 4. The rest ... the ancient defensive towers had not been found ... during the archeological studying ... the Sophia Cathedral. 5. ... the fire ... 1643 the church was restored once again.

6. ...1607 the Sophra Cathedral burnt.......the fire. 7. It was a usual castle ... towers, loop-holes and gates made ... metal. 8. The name ... a temple had been immortalized ... the town seal. 9. In those days Polotsk was a big shopping centre located ... the east boundary ... the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. 10. ... 15 th —16 th century the temple had been reconstructed ... the church — castle consisting ... five towers.

18. Choose a word from the box to pat into each gap:

1. The first temple of such a type became the Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk which was ... in 50s of the 11th century. 2. At .15th- 16th centuries the temple was reconstructed into the......consisting of five towers. 3. They keep ancient his­tory, enigmatic events which..... of people from all over the world. 4 Distinct defensive features had also other town church constructions: the Jesuit complex and......5. The most solemn ... of the townspeople passed in the SuphiaCathedral. 6. It was a usual castle with towers, ... and gates made of metal. 7. After the fire in 1643 the church was ... once again.

restored, draw attention, loop-holes, constructed, the Jesuit

church,church-castle, assemblies

19. Fill in the table: .

50s of the 11th

15 th -16 th



May 1710


20. Work in groups. Find out from your partners:

— what they know about the Sophia Cathedral;

— what the Sophia Cathedral represented; — what changes did it have.

21. Comment on:

— the influence of different circumstances on the church;

— the function of this church today.

22. Prove that:

— Belarusian history of castles has a varied and interesting past;

— Belarusian architecture has many brunches.

23. Imagine that:

— You are preparing a report about Belarusian architecture. You do not have enough information and you ask. your teacher to help you. Role-play a dialogue with your partner.

— You are _a historian and you work at one of the schools. Your administra­tion is going to send you to Russia to gather some information about the castle in Nizhniy Novgorod. But they ask you to prepare a short speech about the history of Belarusian cathedrals. What can you say about them?

— You are a student of the historical department. You were at your ethno­graphical practice in summer. You have found a lot of things referring to the past. How can you prove that these exhibits are ancient?

— Your pen-friend from abroad comes to visit you. He (she) wants to know something about the Sophia Cathedral. Role-play a dialogue with your partner.

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