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15. Answer the following questions:

1. When was Neswizh mentioned in the chronicles for the first time? 2. Is it the time of its foundation? 3. When did Neswizh have its golden age? 4. When did it become the Radzivills' estate? 5. When was the Radzivills' palace built?-6. What buildings were used to protect the town and the castle? 7. What other ele­ments of the protection system were there in Neswizh? 8. When did Neswizh get the Magdeburg right? 9. Who started to take care of the estate and the land after the Swedish-Russian war? 10. Who established a theatre in Neswizh? 11. What way of life was characteristic of the Neswizh castle during the times of Karol Stanislaw? 12. What wonders of art and science did the Neswizh castle have at that time? 13. Whatrthings does the Radzivills' heritage consist of nowa­days? 14. Who is supposed to have, built the Catholic Jesuit Church in Neswizh? 15. What legends of Neswizh do you know? 16. Where were the first saplings of Neswizh Park brought from? 17. What is the territory of Neswizh Park? 18. What was the Neswizh castle during Soviet times?

16. Agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. Neswizh was first mentioned in the chronicles in the 14 th century. 2. The time of the greatest development of the town is associated with the Radzivills' reign in it. 3. The town had several stone gates called bramas. 4. Bramas were one-stored buildings for guards. 5. Neswizh was not granted the Magdebiirg right like many other European cities. 6. At the beginning of the 18th century, Neswizh saw hard times because of the Swedish-Russian war. 7. After the war, Mikhail Radzivill started to rebuild the castle and the town. 8. Neswizh and its castle were practically closed for other people during the times of Karol Stanislaw Radzivill. 9. Neswizh is famous for the Catholic Jesuit Church which is believed to have been designed by Viniola. 10. A successor of the famous Belarusian printing pioneer Francisk Scofina, Symon Budny, worked in Neswizh in the 16 th century. 11. Nowadays Neswizh attracts many visitors not only by its ancient castle and majestic history, but also thanks to numerous and very beautiful parks. 12. It is known that the first saplings for the parks were taken from Great Britain. 13. Today Neswizh is a regional center which attracts many tourists.

17. Put in the right preposition where necessary:

1. The citizens of Neswizh refused ... take "an oath ... faithfulness ... the Swedish king. 2. Neswizh was founded ... the place ... a more ancient' settlement. 3. During the Swedish-Russian War the Radzivills were preoccupied ... big politics and didn't pay due attention ... Neswizh. 4. A descendant ... Mikhail and Franzishka Radzivill filled life ... the Neswizh castle ... a new feeling. 5. Guests sleighed ...... the sugar white hills, riding ... sledges harnessed ... bears. 6. Researchers suppose that Bernarddni was an apprentice ... Viniola, who, ... his return, worked ... Michelangelo. 7___ 1562, Symon Budny published a book ... Belarusian ... the first time. 8. The parks make the unique blue-green heritage ... Neswizh, along ... the mysterious magic mirror-like ponds. 9. People say that the first saplings ... the park were grown ... seeds brought... the gardens of the Berlin palace. 10. It takes about an hour to get... Neswizh ... Minsk.

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