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24. Comprehension check. Choose the best alternative according to the text:

1. By enactment of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR a creative group was

a) formed in 1965 with the purpose of reconstruction of the memorial com­plex Brest Fortress;

b) founded in 1967 with the purpose of developing the project of a monument;

c) gathered in 1954 with the purpose of building the memorial complex in Brest.

2. The inauguration of the memorial complex "Brest fortress-hero" was held on

a) 23 November 1983;

b) 12 September 1971;

c) 25 September 1971.

3. The integrated architectural and artistic complex, which immortalized the legendary but true story of the heroes of Brest fortress, represents

a) the ruins of the old fortress, battle spots, and monumental sculptural com­positions;

b) tfie ancient walls of the old fortress, cathedrals, and architectural con­structions;

c) modern buildings, battle spots, and monumental sculptural compositions.

4. The sculptural composition "Thirst" symbolizes thirst for

a) food and water and is erected to the right to the bridge On the bank of the Dvina River;

b) life, struggle and victory is erected to the left of the bridge on the bank of the Mukhavets River;

c) peaceful life and happy childhood is erected near St. Nicholas' church.

5. On the backside of the monument one can find

a) bas-reliefs representing the most important episodes of the fortress defense;

b) sculptures of the well-known heroes of the war and the eternal flame;

c) architectural constructions, St. Nicholas' church and communal grave.

6. Three tiers of granite gravestones are situated in

a) the suburb of the memorial complex;

b) the western part of the memorial complex near the eternal flame;

c) the centre of the architectural complex.

7. P. M. Masherov, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Byelorussia, a Hero of the Soviet Union,

a) came to Brest on the day of the inauguration and pronounce a speech;

b) lit the eternal flame on the day of the inauguration;

c) sent a letter which was read on the day of the inauguration.

8. During the years of the museum and the memorial the fortress has become a centre of

a) historical seminars and meeting of historians from all over the world;

b) militian and patriotic upbringing;

c) military and patriotic upbringing.

9. On 1 September students are presented with

a) diplomas near the communal grave;

b) student cards in Ceremonial Square;

c) presents in St. Nicholas'church.

10. Newly wedded couples bring flowers to the fortress on

a) the wedding day;

b) the Victory Day;

c) the Mother's Day.

11. Young soldiers of Brest garrison swear on the sacred ground of

a) the fortress;

b) the Main Entrance;

c) St. Nicholas' church.

12. Since September 1995 Orthodox believers have been coming to St. Nicholas' church to find

a) peace and relaxation;

b) understanding and love;

c) spiritual satisfaction.

13. Every year on the Victory Day of 9 May people gather to pay the tribute to the

a) every fourth victim of the World War Two and to their relatives;

b) Heroes of the Soviet Union;

c) dead and living participants of the Great Patriotic War.

14. Requiem liturgies are chanted yearly on 22 June to honor those

a) who were killed during the war near Brest;

b) who died in that territory;

c) all the victims of the war who were killed and tortured in the camps ofdeath.

15. People of all ages, convictions and trades come to the fortress, and few of them remain indifferent, and few of them

a) prefer not to come here because they, do not want to memorize all the hor­rors of the war;

b) come here to recollect the most difficult years of their life;

c) are not shocked at what they can see or hear there.

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