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15. Answer the following questions:

1. When was Grodno mentioned in written documents for the first time? 2. Why can this city be called a lucky one compared with other Belarusian cities? 3. What architectural monument can be considered as a unique one among those situated in Grodno? 4. What architectural school was there in Grodno? 5. What temple is situated near the Freedom Square in Grodno? 6. What secret did the craftsmen use while building and decorating this temple? 7. What was added to one of the towers of the temple after the World War II? 8. What Grodno cathedral took the longest period of time to be built? 9. Are there any things that helped Grodno to develop its economy in the past? 10. Why did Grodno attract, attention of foreign knights? 11. When was Grodno granted the Magdeburg right? 12. Why was the political status of Grodno raised in the 17 th century? 13. Who was the last king of Rzecz Pospolita? 14. What do people call the street of Elisa Ozhechko in another way? 15. What international events take place in Grodno nowadays?

16. Agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. Grodno is practically a newly built city after the destructions of World War II. 2. Grodno was first mentioned in the Ipatievskaya chronicle in 1128. 3. The fact that Grodno had a unique architectural school has several proofs. 4. The walls of Kolozhskaya Orthodox Church are known to sparkle in the sun after rain.

5. Kolozhskaya Orthodox Church has been intact from the times of its foundation.

6. The Roman-Catholic Cathedral in the centre of the city is decorated with many metallic statues. 7. The place where the Roman-Catholic Cathedral is situated is known as the Old Market. 8. Nowadays the City Hall has one of the oldest Euro­pean clocks. 9. The clock needs to be wound up manually. 10. The construction of the Bernardine Cathedral took about 5 centuries. 11. The quick economic de­velopment of the town in the past was fostered by a favourable geographical posi­tion. 12. Grodno traded in many goods with different European countries. 13. The Gryunvald battle didn't touch the lives of Grodno citizens in any way.. 14. During the Prince Vitovt's ruling, Grodno became the second capital of the Grand-Duchy of Lithuania. 15. In the 16th century the political status of Grodno was raised after it had become a royal residence. 16. The street of Luxury is a famous Grodno gambling area. 17. The town has temples and churches for the representatives of various nationalities and religious confessions. 18. The beginning of spring is the time of the Republican National Festival of Cultures held in Grodno.

17. Put the right prepositions where necessary:

1. ... Grodno you frequently stop ... wonder and admiration realizing that the walls around you.are silent witnesses ... the events that took place many years ago. 2. Grodno was first mentioned ... the Ipatievskaya chronicle ... 1128. 3. Kolohskaya Orthodox Church stands ... the precipitous bank ... Neman. 4. When ... the rain a sun ray falls ... wet Kolozha, its walls, namely the green majolica, start sparkling ... all rainbow colours. 5. ... the 19th century Neman literary "ate" one ... Kolozha walls and this wall was replaced ... a wooden one. 6. The magnificent baroque masterpiece ... the 17th century hovers like a white bird ... the Freedom Square. 7. Grodno could compete ... beauty ... the best European cities of the 16-17 th centuries.

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