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15. Answer the questions:

1. Were there many noble families in the history of Belarus? 2. What family left its imprint on a wide variety of human endeavours? 3. What had they been doing for centuries? 4. What did they build? 5. What members of the Radzivill family do you know? 6. What posts did Niekolay Radzivill Chorny (Black) fill in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania? 7. Due to what did our state reach its highest prosperity at that time? 8. What languages did Duke Niekolay Radzivill know perfectly well? 9. Who head­ed the fight against Calvinism? 10. What orders did he issue? 11. What was Nikolay Kristof Radzivill Sirotka famous for? 12. Who ruined Neswizh in 1706? 13. Why did the Radzivills neglect the town of Neswizh for 20 years? 14. When did Prince Mikhail begin to take care of the town? 15. Who was the founder of the first Slavic secular theatre? 16. The Radzivill castle was richly decorated in gold and precious stones, wasn't it? 17. Where are the treasures now?

16. Agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. The Radzivill family was the oldest and the richest family in the history of Belarus. 2. The members of the family were great scientists. 3. They published books and had their own museum of paintings, weaponry and precious stones. 4. The Radzivills built printing houses in Brest, Neswizh and other Belarasian towns. 5. Barbara Radzivill (1520-1551), the Queen of Poland and Duchess of Lithuania was the most beautiful woman of her time. 6. Niekolay Radzivill Chorny (Black) was the head of the Belarusian army. 7. As chancellor, Niekolay Radzivill built a new palace for his family. 8. Niekolay Kristof Radzivill Sirotka was no­torious for his cruel attitude towards his servants. 9. Niekolay Kristof Radzivill Sirotka was the founder of the first Slavic secular theatre.

17. Put in the right prepositions where necessary:

1. The Radzivill family left its imprint... a wide variety … human endea­vours —... public and political life … culture and education. 2. The members ... the family were leaders … wars against the enemies . . . the Grand Duchy … Lithuania. 3.... their own money, the Radzivills built painting shops ... Bierescie (nowadays Brest), Neswizh, and other Belarusian cities. 4. Throughout his entire po­litical career Niekolay Radzivill Chorny followed a firm policy.. .strengthening the sovereignty ... the Belarusian state. 5. Due ... his consistent political endeavours, our state reached its highest prosperity ... its public life based ... legal principles. 6. Duke Niekolay Radzivill was fluent.. . the Belarusian, Polish and other Euro­pean languages. 7. His son Niekolay Kristof Radzivill Sirotka headed the fight ... Calvinism, 8. He was famous... the author... a detailed travelogue describing his journey... Jerusalem, Syria, Egypt. 9. … 1586 Neswizh was granted the right... an autonomous municipal administration (the so-called Magdeburg right), which added a lot ... the grandeur and power ... Neswizh. 10. Only ... 1726 Prince Mikhail Kazimir Radzivill Rybonka began to take care ... his estate and land again.

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