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18. Choose a word from the box to put into each gap:

1. The church of the Virgin Saint was ... in the town of Drutsk. 2. On the - pages of... you read some information about this church. 3. Historians think that ... Vasily Mikhailovich erected the temple. 4. It should be mentioned that me Drutsk ... is very remarkable in the history of Belarus. 5. The banks of the river Druts gave birth to many people with strong .... 6. Women of Drutsk raised, loved and inspired the brave... to defend their native land. 7. Bogdana Dratskaya-Sokolinskaya's son, Lev Sapega, became ... of the Great Principality of Lithu­ania. 8. There is less sticky ... and displeasure if people respect their native land and follow Christian ideals. 9. In a new circle of history after a thousand years in Drutsk ... is being built.

temple, a church, well-power, erected, the Drutsk Gospel,

the chancellor,apathy, warriors, the Grand Duke

19. Fill in the table:



The first Orthodox Church


Famous people of Drutsk

The founder of the famous

princely and royal dynasty

The chancellor of the Great

Principality of Lithuania

The author of "Historical

Chronology of Drutsk"

20. Work in groups. Find out from your partner:

— if he (she) knows where Drutsk is situated;

— why Drutsk is famous in our country;

— where we can find the Drutsk Gospel;

— who gave an aid to the reconstruction of the church.

21. Prove that:

— Drutsk is a very old place;

— Drutsk gave birth to many famous people;

— Belarusians pay attention to historical experience.

22. Comment on:

— the words: "Nothing stands still: everything passes, everything changes";

— the necessity to respect our national culture;

— the words: "It is necessary to live troubling not only about the daily bread, but also about the families, the nation and Motherland".

23. Imagine that:

— You have come to your friend who lives in Drutsk, but he (she) is not at home at that moment. You know that Drutsk has an interesting history. What places are you going to visit?

— You are a young journalist. Your chief gave you a;task to write about something interesting. You looked through4the books and found that Drutsk was a very a interesting place from the point of view of its history. You decided to visit this place with the aim to write about it. What will the article be about?

—You and your friend decided to make a contribution to your regional mu­seum. You discuss the possibility of finding some interesting material. You find some infortnation about Drutsk and now you are discussing it with your friend. Role-play a dialogue with your partner.

—Your small sister is preparing for her history lesson. She is to prepare some mate­rial about small places which has some historical value. Help her telling about Drutsk.

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