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16. Agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. The people highly appreciated the feat of the defenders of Brest for­tress. 2. By decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR of 15 May 1957, Brest fortress was awarded with the honorary title "Fortress-hero" with the presentation of the Lenin order and the medal "Gold Star", which were placed on perpetual deposit in the museum of the memorial com­plex. 3. By enactment of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR a creative group was founded in 1959 with the purpose of developing the project of the monu­ment. 4. 28 building and construction organizations sent their best special­ists to erect the memorial. 5. The morning meeting took place in the fortress on 19 September 1963. 6. The inauguration of the memorial complex "Brest fortress-hero" was held on 25 September 1971. 7. One of the honorable visitors was writer V. Zankovich, who had dedicated more than 12 years of his life to the search of fortress defenders. 8. The central alley leads to the Mukhavets River. 9. Ceremonial Square begins from the ruins of the Black , Palace. 10. On the backside of the monument one can find bas-reliefs repre­senting the most important episodes of the fortress defense. 1 f. Three tiers of granite gravestones,are situated in the suburb of the architectural complex. 12. P. M. Masherov, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party of Byelorussia, a Hero of the Soviet Union, lit the eternal flame on the day of the inauguration. 13. During the years of the museum and the memorial the fortress has become a centre of military and patriotic upbringing. Many good traditions have been formed there. 14. Every year on the Victory Day of 9 May people gather to pay the tribute to the dead and living participants of the Great Patriotic War. 15. Requiem liturgies are chanted yearly on 13 June to honor those who died on that territory. 16. People of all ages, convictions and trades come to the fortress, and few of them remain indifferent, and few of them are not shocked at what they can see or hear there.

17. Put the right prepositions where necessary:

1. ... enactment of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR a creative group was founded ... 1967 ... the purpose of developing the project of the monument. 2. The inauguration of the memorial complex "Brest fortress-hero" was held ... 25 September 1971. 3. The Main Entrance has become an original overture ... the sculptural poem. 4. Sounds of the metronome counting ... the last peaceful moments are heard ... the vaults of the Main Entrance. 5. The central alley leads ... the Citadel. 6. The sculptural composition "Thirst" symbolizing thirst ... life, struggle and victory is erected ... the left of the bridge ... the bank of the Mukha-

vets River. 7. Eternal flame is burning..........the ruins of the former Engineering Board. 8. Memorial groups ... schools and vocational schools of the city keep; honorable watch ... the Memory Post. 9. Newly wedded couples bring flowers ... the fortress ... the wedding day. 10. St. Nicholas' church, which was handed ... Brest/Kobrin eparchy ... 1994, is situated ... the territory of the fortress. 11.... opening pages of the history of the Great patriotic war for the young genera­tion, Brest fortress and its defenders have tenderly kept the memory of the past... all those years and helped treat the present... wisdom and responsibility.

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