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24. Comprehension check. Choose the best alternative according to the text:

1. The church of the Virgin Saint was erected

a) in the town of Drutsk in the year 6509 (1001);

b) in the town of Tolochino in the year 6509 (1002);

c) in the town of Drutsk щ the year 5609 (1001),

2. A daily service was held by

a) the Grand Duke Vasily Mikhailovich and his Grand Duchess Vasilisa;

b) Barbara Radzivill, the Queen of Poland and Duchess of Lithuania;

c) the Grand Duchess Vasilisa and the Duchess of Lithuania Barbara.

3. The Drutsk Gospel

a) was the main document in this time;

b) was written in the English language;

c) was translated into modern language.

4. In the library of the Siberian department at the Russian Academy of Sciences

a) you can find many documents written in the Slavonic language;

b) people can read a lot of rare books;

c) it's possible to look through the Drutsk Gospel.

5. The first mention of the date of the birth of Drutsk

a) is possible to find in the Drutsk Gospel;

b) we can find in the book of the Grand Duke Vasily Mikhailovich;

c) is possible to find in the old manuscripts.

6. Historians think that life in Drutsk

a) was something unknown for many centuries;

b) actually began several eenturies before the town;

c) was very interesting and full of different remarkable events.

7. The temple in Drutsk

a) was ruined by neighbouring people;

b) was erected by the Duke;

c) was the place where people liked to come regularly.

8. The Drutsk temple is very remarkable in the history of Belarus:

a) it was built from very rare materials;

b) it was visited by many famous people;

c) specialists insist that it was the first Orthodox Church on the Belarusian territory

9. If you look at the map of Belarus you will see that Drutsk is situated

a) on the left bank of the river Druts and not far from the centre (Tolochino) in Vitebschina;

b) not far from Minsk on the right bank of the river Svisloch;

c) just near Orsha on the left bank of the river Dnieper.

10. The banks of the river Druts

a) are very beautiful and people like to walk there;

b) gave birth to dozens of people with strong will-power;

c) inspired many famous people for writing poems.

11. The parents of the first female cosmonaut on the Earth, Valentino Tereshkova

a) liked to visit Drutsk because it was the earth of their ancestors;

b) lived and worked on the ancient land of Drutsk;

c) took their famous daughter to Drutsk to see the sights.

12. Vladimir Kovalyonok, a Belarusian who has already been in outer space three times

a) also visited Drutsk very often;

b) dreamed about Drutsk in his flights;

c) is a Drutsker by origin.

13. Women of Drutsk

a) raised, loved and inspired brave warriors;

b) defended their native land many times;

c) worked hard to make their native town beautiful.

14. Sofia Drutskaya (Galshanskaya)

a) was the most beautiful woman of her time;

b) filled high and responsible posts in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania;

c) was the founder of the famous princely and royal dynasty of Yagelony.

15. Bogdana Drutskaya-Sokolinskaya 's son, Lev Sapega,

a) took great care of his estate and land;

b) became the great chancellor and then governor of Vilno;

c) became the chancellor of the Great Principality of Lithuania.

16. Life is more harmonious in the places

a) where people build churches and temples;

b) where traditions of national culture are respected;

c) where people stand for peace.

17. In a new cycle of history, after a thousand years in Drutsk,

a) a drama theatre was built;

b) a church is being built again;

c) a castle of the Grand Duke Vasily Mikhailovich was restored.

18. "Historical Chronology of Drutsk"

a) was being prepared as an anniversary book;

b) was the oldest book about the history of Drutsk;

c) is of great interest for everybody.

19. Professor of the Military Academy of Belarus, Colonel Rygor Lenkevich

a) visited Drutsk very often;

b) admired the new church greatly in his new book;

c) was bom in Tolochino.

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