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15. Answer the following questions:

1. When was the church of Virgin Saint erected? 2. When did Drutsk celebrate its 1000-year anniversary? 3. Where is Drutsk Gospel kept now? 4. Who erected the temple? 5. Why is the Drutsk temple remarkable in the history? 6. Is it important for people to know their place within the eternal circle? 7. Is Drutsk a beautiful place? 8. Where is it situated? 9. The banks of the river Druts gave birth to dozens of people with strong will-power, didn't they? 10. Was Valentina Tereshkova born in Drutsk? 11. Where was Vladimir Kovalyonok born? 12. What famous women lived in Drutsk? 13. In what cases is our life more harmonious? 14. Is a church being built in Drutsk again? 15. Who gave given an aid to the reconstruction of the church? 16. Who prepared "Historical Chronology of Drutsk"? 17. Where was Colonel Rygor Lenkevich born?

16. Agree or disagree with the following statements:

1. The church of the Virgin Saint was erected in Vitebsk in 1021.2. The Drutsk Gospel is kept in one of the museums in Minsk. 3. Drutsk celebrated its 1000-year anniversary in 2005. 4. Historians think that Grand Duchess Vasilisa erected the temple. 5. Specialists insist that the Drutsk temple was the first Orthodox Church on the Belarusian territory. 6. Drutsk is a big town. 7. Drutsk is situated on the right bank of the river Druts not far from Vitebsk. 8. The banks of the river Druts gave birth to dozens of people with strong will-power. 9. It turns out that the parents of the first cosmonaut on Earth, Yuri Gagarin, lived and worked in the ancient land of Drutsk. 10. Vladimir Kovalyonok, a Belarusian who has already been in outer space three times, is a Drutsker by origin. 11. Sofia Drutskaya (Galshanskaya), the founder of the famous princely and royal dynasty of Yagelony made tier con­tribution to the building of the temple. 12. Bogdana Drutskaya-Sokolinskaya was famous for her great religious views. 13. Lev Sapega, became the chancellor of the Great Principality of Lithuania. 14. Now a new church is being built in Drutsk. 15. "Historical Chronology of Drutsk" was written by an unknown writer.

17. Put the right prepositions where necessary:

1. … the year 6509 (1001) ... the town ... Drutsk, the church ... the Virgin Saint was erected. 2. The Drutsk Gospel is kept now ... the library ... the Siberian department. … the Russian Academy . . . Sciences. 3. Historians think that life ... Drutsk actually began several centuries ... the town and the Duke erected ... he temple. 4. This can be likened . . . the actions . . . gardeners who graft a high quality branch ... a hard, wild tree, but only ... it has grown......the soil and become strong. 5. The pendulum ... a large and invisible clock advances little ... little, its hands tracing ... the circle . .. life. 6. It's very important. .. people to know their place ... the eternal circle and . . . this religious rite. 7. Citizens ... Drutsk is a little village, consisting ... 110 farmsteads ... the left bank ... the river Druts and not far .. .the centre (Tolochino)... Vitebschina. 8. The parents ... Valentina Tereshkova lived and worked... the ancient land... Drutsk. 9. ... those outstanding women are Sofia Drutskaya (Galshanskaya), the founder... the famous princely and royal dynasty . . . Yagelony, and Bogdana Drutskaya-Soko-linskaya, whose on, Lev Sapega, became the chancellor... the Great Principality . . . Lithuania. 10. As a rule, . . . places where traditions ... national culture are respected, where the souls... people are enlighted... Christian ideals, life is more harmonious; there is less sticky apathy and displeasure.

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