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Appendix 4 - The Laws of Health


William A Alcott

Score – Minor


What 108 – Meat

(W 32) (G 55) (C 34) (J 59) (K 65)

Fat should be the main part of the meat we eat.

Page 176-921 - "If flesh is used al all, it should be used chiefly for the sake of its oil.(fat)" Comment – Thus he is saying that only the fat of meat is suitable to eat.

Score - Unverified

What 109 – Liquid or Soft Foods

G 72

Soup and broth are bad for the health.


Page 119-625 - "Among the arts of civilized society which stand in the way of thorough mastication and of the benefits which would follow ... over-cooking; preparing food in too liquid a form; soaking it too much; eating it while hot; buttering it; ..... using along with it, sauces, gravies, molasses, .... We use soups, broths, gruels, and hasty puddings,”

Page 145-759 - "I think the custom of giving liquids (food) to the sick is decidedly wrong. A small quantity of solid food - a crust of bread, or some boiled rice - would be found preferable.".

Page 120-627 - "In general, the drier we receive our food the better;"

Comment – The only disadvantage of soft, wet foods is on our teeth and if other chewable food is used there are no problems with these either.

Score – Unverified

Why 117 – Liquid or Soft Foods 1 (What 109) It is difficult to digest liquid foods.

Page 143-751 - "liquids are not digested as liquids; and pure water, not at all. In order to digestion, the water of liquid or semi-liquid food must be first absorbed, after which the sediment may or may not be digested..... In many persons who are not strong, it is gradually removed from the system without yielding any nutriment"

Page 145-757 - "With regard to gruels, broths, soups, etc. the case is somewhat different. The sediment of these is not solidified in the stomach. It remains not only difficult of chymification, but very difficult. Unmasticated and uninsalivated, as it is, its proper and healthful chymification is almost impossible. It would defy the powers of the most Herculean."

Score - Unverified

Why 118 – Liquid or Soft Foods – 2 (What 109) Eating soft foods reduces heat production.

Page 340-1780 - "But, if the bread is soaked in the milk, and that and the milk swallowed, rather than eaten, little heat will be generated by the digestive process; and the child will be chilly,"

Score - Unverified

Why 119 – Liquid or Soft Foods – 3 (What 109)

Eating soft food and not sugar is the cause of tooth decay in adults.

Page 72-379 - "Everything to which he (an adult) has access must be softened, in one way or another, as if it were our leading object to save the teeth from labor. …. hence one prominent source

.... of premature decay." (this is bad)”

Page 103-537 - "The teeth are made to be used. They are made, moreover, to be used very much and to be used on hard substances."

Page 169-880 - "My readers may be assured that neither sugar nor confectionery produce their mischievous effects on the teeth by mere contact.

Don S McMahon


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