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Вариант №5

I.Сопоставить слова слева (1-10) с их эквивалентами справа (a-j)

  1. well-grounded a) promptly

  2. to fulfill b) to set smth to work

  3. quotation c) in accordance

  4. to acknowledge d) to execute

  5. in conformity e) conditions

  6. to enclose f) consent

  7. terms g) offer

  8. urgently h) reasonable

  9. agreement i) to attach

  10. to put smth into operation j) to confirm

II. Заполните пропуски словами из таблицы

regular advance payment discount competitors relations unprofitable modifications

Our wish is to establish closer business ______ with you. Your ______ quote more competitive prices, though you have been more reliable on the world market lately. Actually, this is a trial order and if we are satisfied, you can expect ______ orders from us. The first lot can be delivered within three months after we receive______. A bigger discount would make the transaction ______. Moreover, we have to incorporate some______ to make our trucks suitable. To compensate for the expenses in connection with tests we ask a 2,5 per cent_____.

III. Вы хотите закупить у фирмы режущие станки, но цена Вас не устраивает. Вы просите предоставить Вам скидку. Сформулируйте по-английски свои вопросы и ответы. Перепишите весь диалог.

You Мы внимательно изучили все технические данные и рабочие характеристики, которые мы от вас получили. Модель GH-66 это как раз то, что нам нужно.

Black I’m pleased to hear it.

You Но, к сожалению, я должен сказать, что Ваши цены слишком высокие.

Black I’m afraid I can’t agree with you here. Our price is quite reasonable if you consider the superior quality of our machine-tools. Besides prices for this type of equipment are going up. These machine-tools, as you know, are in great demand now.

You Да, мы знаем это. Мы связаны с мировым рынком и нам известно, что цены, предложенные Вами, гораздо выше цен Ваших конкурентов.

Black I’m afraid we can’t reduce the price. However, we could grant you a discount, if you order more than 10 machine-tools.

You Какую скидку Вы можете нам предоставить, если мы закажем 15 станков?

Black About 5 per cent.

You Хорошо. Могу ли я посмотреть станок в работе на Вашем заводе?

Black That can be easily arranged. I’ll see to it.

You Благодарю Вас. Что касается цены, я думаю, мы сможем решить этот вопрос после того, как мы увидим станок в работе.

Black All right. I’ll show you our factory tomorrow. How about 10?

You Хорошо. Увидимся завтра.

to be in touch with something – быть связанным с чем-то

to be in great demand - пользоваться большим спросом

IV. Прочитайте и переведите письмо на русский язык. Ответьте на вопросы


32/34 Smolenskaya Square,



25th June, 2003

Dear Sirs,

Re: Your offer of June 10, 2003

We thank you for your offer of June 10, 2003 for 6 Machines Model K-100. We have carefully considered your offer and we are pleased to inform you that the efficiency of the Machines fully meets our requirements.

As to the terms of payment we cannot agree to them as they go against our usual practice. Our terms are as follows:

Within 5 days upon receipt of your notification of readiness we shall open in your favour an irrevocable Letter of Credit for 75 per cent of the value of the goods intended for shipment. The balance of 25 per cent shall be paid after the expiration of the guarantee period.

As regards the time of delivery we should like you to ship the goods in the middle of October.

If you agree to the terms of payment and the time of delivery proposed by us we shall be pleased to send you our formal order by return.

Yours truly,

A.P. Stack

Sales Manager

to go against somebody’s usual practice – противоречить чьей-либо практике

  1. What goods does Sojuzexport offer to their customers?

  2. Why can the customers not agree to the Seller’s terms of payment?

  3. What terms of payment do they offer to Sojuzexport?

  4. When will the balance of 25 percent be paid by the customers?

  5. When do the Buyers want the goods to be shipped?

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