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V. Выберите правильную форму условного предложения.

  1. If our General Manager _____(agree), we would resume the discussion.

  1. If we get an order, they ____ (want) all sorts of technical information.

  1. We ____ (not to sign) the contract, if we had not been satisfied with their terms of payment.

  1. If you increase the number of trucks bought from us, we ____ (reduce) the price by 5 per cent.

  1. If I _____(to have) time yesterday, I would have looked through the catalogues.

Вариант №2

I. Сопоставить слова слева (1-10) с их эквивалентами справа (a-j)

  1. to do business a) high quality

  2. prompt b) consignment

  3. customer c) to thank you

  4. superior d) early

  5. lot e) to be in close cooperation

  6. to go up f) client

  7. goods g) to deliver

  8. to request h) to increase

  9. to be obliged i) products

  10. to supply j) to ask

II. Заполните пропуски словами из таблицы.

compromise agreement breach arbitration binding conditions litigation

A contract is an ______ drawn up between two parties. It is divided into sections, clauses, and _____. The conditions of the contract are ______ on both parties.

If one party does not comply with the clauses, it is called a ______ of contract.

In the case of a dispute, many contracts provide for _____, but in some cases the dispute results in______. Most parties reach a ______ without going to court, and the dispute is settled out of court

III. Г-н Соколов ведет переговоры с представителем фирмы, которая хочет закупать у Вашей фирмы турбобуры. Они вполне довольны качеством и собираются обсудить сроки поставки и гарантийный период. Сформулируйте по-английски свои вопросы и ответы. Перепишите весь диалог.

Mulki I’ve seen your Drilling Rig Model B-3 in operation.

Sokolov Как Вы находите наш турбобур?

Mulki Oh, I am quite satisfied with its efficiency.

Sokolov Мы полагали, что Вы будете довольны. Мы продаем это оборудование в течение последних нескольких лет и все наши покупатели довольны им.

Mulki The machine is certainly good. Now there are some points I’d like to discuss. Can you make us an offer for shipment in April-May?

Sokolov Да, конечно. Какими партиями Вы бы хотели, чтобы это оборудование было отгружено?

Mulki In two lots of 5 machines each.

Sokolov Мы бы могли отгрузить первую партию в начале апреля, а вторую в середине мая. Вас это устраивает?

Mulki Yes, that suits me very well. What’s your guarantee period?

Sokolov 12 месяцев с момента ввода оборудования в эксплуатацию, но не позже 15 месяцев с даты отгрузки.

Mulki We didn’t expect it to be as short as that. We hoped to get at least 18 and 24 months respectively.

Sokolov Я боюсь, это противоречит нашей практике.

Mulki Please try to see our point of view. This is our trial order and we’d like to have a longer guarantee period.

Sokolov Хорошо, если Вы настаиваете, мы можем пойти Вам навстречу и продлить гарантийный период до 15-18 месяцев соответственно.

Mulki Thank you. Now we’d like you to specify payment terms.

Sokolov Вы должны открыть безотзывный аккредитив в течение 7 дней после того, как Вы получите наше уведомление о готовности груза к отгрузке.

Mulki Then I think, we can accept the terms.

                1. That goes against our usual practice - это противоречит нашей практике

                  1. To meet somebody half way - пойти кому-то навстречу (удовлетворить просьбу частично)

IV. Прочитайте и переведите письмо на русский язык. Ответьте на вопросы

Messrs. Smith and Co.,


21stApril, 2000

Dear Sirs,

We are interested in Cutter Model GH-66 advertised by you in the latest issue of the “Industry”.

We shall be obliged if you will send us a tender for the above machine-tool. Please quote your lowest price and state the time of delivery and the most favourable terms of payment. The price for the machine-tool is to be quoted f.o.b. English port.

We also request you to send us specifications and all your publications.

We should also like to inform you that Mr. Sokolov, an engineer of our department, is visiting the London Industrial exhibition next month and will let in touch with your firm to start talks for the purchase of the machine-tool required by us.

We are looking forward to your early reply.

Yours faithfully,

V/O Stankoimport

cutter – режущий станок

to get in touch - связаться с кем-то

  1. What kind of letter is it?

  2. What price is to be quoted by the Seller?

  3. When is Mr. Sokolov visiting the London Industrial Exhibition?

  4. What is the purpose of his visit?

5. What else do the Buyers request the Sellers to send them?

V. Выберите правильную форму условного предложения.

  1. David Fox will give you a final reply, if they ___ (receive) your detailed price-list.

  1. If you could extend the guarantee period, we ___ (place) an order with you.

  1. We ___(send) you our contract, if you agree to our terms and conditions.

  1. If they had received your offer last week, they ___(accept) it.

  1. If I ___(be) you, I would sign the contract with them .

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