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2. Read the recruitment advertisement and answer these questions.

  1. Who is advertising?

  2. Who do they want to recruit?

  3. What is the name of the programme they want the recruits to join?

  4. What is the main quality they are looking for?

                1. Graduates/Final Year students

Priceless training.

Free thinking.

Bring us free thinking and we’ll give you invaluable training for a unique year career.

Our 4 year Fast Stream Programme will give you an insight into the development of government policy, the complexities of tax law and practice, and how a major organisation is managed. You will learn how different types of business operate and develop your skills so that you can take on the wide range of career opportunities we offer.

Determined, with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, a strong analytical mind and the confidence to make critical decisions, you’ll need the drive and self-discipline to take on growing responsibilities and demanding exams at the same time. You’ll also need to have, or be expecting, a first or second class honours degree, and be free to join us in July in London or a range of locations in southern England and the Midlands.

In return, as well as exceptional training, you can expect a starting salary between around ₤14,000 and ₤21,000 depending on location, qualifications and experience. If you meet our expectations you can expect to be earning ₤30,000 in 4 years.

Only your potential counts with us. We are firmly committed to recruit, develop and promote people on their abilities, and will not discriminate on grounds of gender or race.

For further information and an application form, write to Inland Revenue, Fast Stream Development Programme, HR Division, PO Box 55, Mowbray House, Castle Meadow Road, Nottingham, NG2 IBE quoting reference FS/G2. Telephone 01150974 0696. We must have your completed application form by 6 November.

3. Read the advertisement again and complete the sentences with a verb.

  1. We will __________ you invaluable training for a unique career.

  2. The Fast Stream Programme will __________ you insight into government policy.

  3. You will __________ how different types of business operate.

  4. You will __________ drive and self-discipline.

  5. We will not __________ on grounds of gender or race.

  6. They __________ accept applications after 6 November.

II. 1. You want a job. Answer the following questions.

How do you give yourself a competitive edge?

  1. Have you decided what sort of job you really want?

  2. Have you spoken to anyone who does the sort of job you would like to do?

  3. Have you found out about the companies you would like to work for?

  4. Have you spoken to anyone who works for these companies?

  5. Do you know what skills you have gained and the skills you have lost in recent years?

  6. Have you done anything in the last year which has developed your skills?

  7. Do you regularly read the business pages of newspapers or professional journals?

  8. Have you talked to a recruitment agency that specializes in your area of work?

  9. Have you written or update your Curriculum Vitae in the last six months?


Yes = 1 point No = 0 points

0 – 3 You need to spend more time on preparing yourself for a new job.

4 – 6 You have made a good start, but you still need to do more work to stand out from the competition.

7 – 9 You are in a strong position to get a new job.

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