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4.Think off your own cv:

• What information will it include?

• What elements of the specimen CV will it include? What further details would you include in yours?

• How much space will you allow for your education and training, and how much for your work experience?

b. Draft your CV and give it to your teacher to be checked.

c. Rewrite your draft CV and if possible, type it on the computer.

5. Write a covering letter for your CV. Write a para­graph saying where you saw the advertisement and another paragraph about your education, qualifications and work experience. Emphasize yaw suitability for the post.

6. Application form

Advertisements (ads) for employment appear in all the media including radio and television. However, newspapers and magazines are usually the main source for vacancies.

In replying to an advertisement it is better to simply state what you an! doing and remember to give a date or a reference.

I would like to apply for the position of a secretary advertized

In this month's edition of The Computer Technology. I am answering your advertisement for the post of Personal Assistant of Director of Travel.

I am replying to the advertisement of July 28th for a sales manager which you placed in The Export Journal.

If applying for a position which has not been advertised. you can open like this:

I am writing to ask if you might have a vacancy in the (your) general office/sales/export/accounts department for a clerical assistant/interpreter etc.

Generally, the terms vacancy, post. position or opening we used instead of the word job in applications

Some companies send application forms, others prefer applicants to supply a curriculum vitae (CV) which is your personal and working history.

There should be a covering letter with application forms and c.vs, either explaining points that are not clear, or giv­ing further information to emphasize your suitability for the


The first step is to enquire for an application form. In your enquiry you can give some brief details about yourself, then ask for the form,

Here are a few examples which can also be used for unsolicited applications, i.e. when applying for a post that has not been advertised.

I am 20 years old was educated at (secondary) school which

I left in (date) having taken (leaving certificate)... At present I am employed by (name of the firm) where I deal

with .../ am employed in (department) concerned with (description of work) and I have been there for (number of years), slues (date).

There is no need to give any more information at this stage, so the letter can be dosed:

Please can you send me an application form and any other relevant details?

Would it be possible for you to send me an application form and further details?

I would be grateful if you could send me an application form, and if in the meantime you need any further details about me, I would be happy to supply them.

CVs or resumes as well as application forms will require the name and address of at least two individuals who can act as referees which means those who can provide references.

Normally, the firm will ask for the names of present or former employers for whom the candidate has worked.

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