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15Montague Street, London ec 15 dn

Surname Serova Forename(s) Anna

(Mr Mrs Miss Ms) Ivanovna

Maiden name Age 20 Date of birth 15th October, 83

Marital status Single Children – no Ages

Address 65, 25 Tulskaya Street, Moscow, Russia

Tel daytime (095) 658 46 79 Tel evening (095) 658 4245

Next of kin Mrs Antonina Serova, mother (see above address)

Education School/university/college From To Address

Secondary Moscow Gymnasium 1990 2000 15 Tverskaya Street,


Languages Eluent Good Fair

English ˇ

French ˇ

Have you any of the following skills? Tick appropriate box

Typing 35 wpm ˇ Keyboard skills

Shorthand…wpm ˇ Bookkeeping

Word processing ˇ Accounts

ˇ Telex

ˇ Customer contact

ˇ Driving license

ˇ Filing


Name and address From To Position and duties


Names of two referees besides employers

Hobbies/activities Reading, chess, skiing, swimming, and tennis

Date 17 July 200. Signature

7. Mark the sentences with 't' (true) or 'f' (false)

1. Advertisements for employment are broadcast on the radio. Job ads are mostly found in newspapers and magazines.

2. In replying to an advertisement you should refer to the publication which placed it.

There is no need to mention either the date or the publica­tion itself.

3. There are fixed rules about the documents required by different companies. Different companies have different practices.

4. in your enquiry for an application form it is necessary to give all the information about yourself. Only brief details are required in your enquiry for an application form.

5. People can apply for positions even when they have not been advertised. Unsolicited applications are ruled out.

6. Your present employment should be mentioned in your application form. Your present occupation is of no interest to your potential.


7. There is no need to answer all the questions about your skills in an application form, Your skills are of great importance for the employees.

8. The name of one referee is to be given in the application form.

Two referees are necessary.

9. Previous employers are expected to supply references. The opinions of the previous employers are not taken into consideration.

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