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Inconvenience reference terms





Exercise 64. Use the words below to complete this extract from a covering letter that has been sent with an order.

depot crates settle delivery transaction

consignment wrapped handover packed alternative

Exercise 65. Hotel Interiors design and manufacture high-quality furniture. They specialise in refurnishing and re-decorating hotels. Recently, they secured a large contract to refurnish a 40-bedroom extension for an hotel in Jersey. Here is a letter to an Italian supplier, Lanificio Bonardi SRL in Milan, confirming an order for cloth and other furnishings. Fill in the gaps, using the phrases below.

Could you please check … This is to confirm …

We would like your assurance … at the latest.

We must point out … May we remind you of …

the date of invoice. to avoid a recurrence.

Re: Order Ref. Ho. 184/32 May 29th.

Dear Signora Caramellino,

…… the order we discussed on the telephone this morning for the following:

Exercise 66. Use the words below to complete this extract from a letter of acknowledgement.

at your expense at your risk in full in response to

In touch with in (your/our) favour of assistance

Exercise 67. Complete the letters below with suitable words.


Dear Sirs

Order No. 281511 /TW37 /CLF

We thank you for your (1) … price list, sent to us on 3rd November. We have received a (2) … from your representative in Barcelona, and we are convinced that the filing cabinet (TW37) will meet our (3) … .

We are therefore (4) … an order for 70 type TW37 filing cabinets and 500 Cuefile looseleaf folders. We (5) … an official order (6) … for the above goods. The (7) … will call for a Pro-Forma Invoice, which should include full (8) … of discounts, freight and insurance.

This order is subject to (9) … before 15th December, 20.. We therefore (10) … the right to (11) … the order and /or return the shipment at your (12) … and (13) … at any time after that date.

Since this is the first time we have done (14) … , the most acceptable (15) … of payment will be by irrevocable Letter of (16) … . Our bank, Banco Commerciale Barcelona, will therefore (17) … a Letter of Credit in your (18) … for your invoice c.i.f. Barcelona, and the (19) … of our Letter of Credit will be sufficient to cover this. We hope this is acceptable.



Exercise 68. Write these letters using the following words and phrases:



Exercise 69. Read the memo below from a buying manager to a secretary and look at the sales catalogue Mr Faust mentioned in his memo.

Now, use the information from the memo and the catalogue to complete the order form.

Write a covering letter with this order from Sabine Muss on behalf of D. Faust.

  • Thank Satex for their letter of 1 May, catalogue, and price-list.

  • Tell them you have enclosed the above order, and that you expect delivery within six weeks. You will pay by banker’s draft when you receive the shipping documents.

  • Explain that if items are not available they should not send substitutes.

  • Tell them that if there are any problems with delivery, they must let you know at once.

Close by saying you look forward to receiving acknowledgement of your order.

Exercise 70. Write a covering letter from Anne Lenoir for an order according to the instructions in the memo below.

Exercise 71. Translate into English.

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