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International trade finance documents

Bill of Lading Health Certificate

Certificate of Inspection Insurance Certificate

Certificate of Origin Phytosanitary Certificate

Commercial Invoice Proforma Invoice

Export Licence Single Administrative Document

Forwarder’s Certificate of Receipt Veterinary Certificate

  1. A document issued by the shipping company to the shipper which acknowledges that the goods have been received for shipment. It gives details of goods, vessel and port of destination.

  2. This document is a signed statement providing information about where the goods come from.

  3. A document sent by the seller to the buyer, which includes details about the goods, i.e. quantity, weight, number of packages, shipment, price, terms of delivery and payment.

  4. This document contains a description of the goods and details of the claim procedures in case the goods are lost or damaged in transit.

  5. This document is required if animals are being transported and is a declaration that they are in good health.

  6. This document is often used for technical equipment and confirms that the goods follow the client’s requirements.

  7. This document is required when foodstuffs are transported and confirms that the goods follow standard hygiene codes and are fresh.

  8. A document used for the transportation of plants, which verifies that they are not diseased.

  9. This document is used for the free movement of goods within EU countries.

  10. A document which serves as an example or estimate of the cost of goods or services and does not require payment

  11. A licence which enables the exporter to carry out trade.

  12. A receipt for goods issued by a forwarding agent to an exporter.

Exercise 76. Insert the correct phrases in the following letter.

In our/your own interest in due course on the way

In transit on arrival to the letter

Exercise 77. Complete the letters below with suitable words.

a. A letter giving packing instructions.

b. A reply to the letter giving packing instructions.

c. An advice of dispatch.

Exercise 78. Complete the following letter advising of the dispatch of order ML/D6320 by Air India to London.

Exercises 79. Write a letter containing packing instructions, using the following words and phrases.

Exercise 80. Write a letter of reply to the letter in Exercise 8 using these words and phrases.

Exercise 81. Translate into English.

Шановні панове,

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