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Arakin the 3rd year unit 1 three men in a boat

Exercise 1. Find the following words in the text.

  1. ленивый

  2. уголок

  3. прецедент

  4. живо, игриво

  5. корзина с крышкой

  6. пикантный

  7. окутывать, покрывать

  8. шикарный

  9. бородавка

  10. проявлять, выказывать

  11. распускаться (о цветах)

  12. причудливый

  13. шишка, опухоль

  14. остатки (2 варианта)

  15. препятствовать, мешать

  16. утонченный, изящный

  17. впадина, углубление

  18. консервированный

  19. известь

  20. настоящий, подлинный

  21. банальный, избитый

  22. обворожительный, замечательный

  23. волшебный, сказочный

  24. равномерно, настойчиво

  25. неуклюжий, неудобный

  26. пиво

  27. тяжелая работа, дело

  28. разбирать, осматривать, переворачивать

  29. великолепие, блеск

  30. нёбо

  31. беззаботность, беспечность

  32. прогуливаться (2 варианта)

  33. вкус (2 варианта)

  34. необычайный, выдающийся

  35. саркастический

  36. питательный (2 варианта)

  37. кастрюля, горшок

  38. гостиница

Exercise 2. Give the words from the text according to their definitions.

1. a place in something that is at a slightly lower level than its surface;

2. a container used for cooking which is round, deep, and usually made of metal;

3. a mixture of cement or lime, and sand and water, used in building for holding bricks or stones together;

4. a small quiet place which is sheltered by a rock, a big tree etc, a small space in a corner of a room;

5. an important job, piece of work, or activity that you are responsible for;

6. a very large enjoyable meal;

7. a small hotel or pub, especially an old one in the countryside;

8. an action or official decision that can be used to give support to later actions or decisions, something of the same type that has happened or existed before;

9. boring and does not have much meaning because it has been used so often;

10. to completely cover the whole surface of something with something else, often in a way that seems unnecessary or unpleasant;

11. to continue or develop smth gradually or without stopping, and not likely to change; 12. not working or producing anything; not serious, or not done with any definite intention, lazy;

13. an area of skin that is raised because you have hit it on something;

14. to walk or travel, usually for a long time, with no clear purpose or direction;

15. not very seriously;

16. the state of your mood when you are cheerful and not worried about anything and not intended to be serious;

17. a word used to emphasize a description of someone or something, synonym real;

18. such kind of food is full of the natural substances that your body needs to stay healthy or to grow properly;

19. small, pretty, and delicate;

20. not relaxed or comfortable, difficult to do, use, or deal with, not convenient;

21. a basket with a lid, which is used for carrying food or sending it to someone as a present;

22. a type of beer made from malt;

23. unusual and attractive, especially in an old-fashioned way;

24. having a pleasantly spicy taste, interesting and exciting;

25. saying things that are the opposite of what you mean, in order to make an unkind joke or to show that you are annoyed;

26. a small hard raised part on someone's skin;

27. such meat or fish has been cooked and stored in a container, usually in the form of a paste for spreading on bread;

28. to make it difficult for someone to do something;

29. the roof (=top inside part) of your mouth, the sense of taste, and especially your ability to enjoy or judge food;

30. to show a feeling or have a quality in a way that people can easily notice;

31. a small part of something that remains after the rest of it has been used, destroyed, or eaten;

32. extremely interesting;

33. such food makes you strong and healthy;

34. to repair or change the necessary parts in a machine, system etc that is not working correctly;

35. impressive beauty, especially of a large building or large place;

36. to walk somewhere in a slow relaxed way;

37. the feeling that is produced by a particular food or drink when you put it in your mouth;

38. small things of various kinds without much value;

39. very unusual or surprising;

40. the particular taste of a food or drink.

Exercise 3. Write out from the text all words denoting food and drinks.

Exercise 4. Fill in the necessary prepositions. Translate the sentences into Russian.

1. We got ___ ___ Sonning and went ___ a walk ___ the village. 2. … ___ the time we had got all the peel ___ and all the eyes ___, there was no potato left – at least none worth speaking ___. 3. If you stop ___ Sonning, put ___ ___ the “Bull”, ___ the church. 4. We also put ___ a cabbage and about half a peck ___ peas. 5. He said he had never heard ___ water-rats ___ Irish stew, and he would rather be ___ the safe side and not try experiments. 6. We roamed ___ sweet Sonning ___ an hour or so. 7. … and I remember that ___ the end, Montmorency, who had evinced great interest ___ the proceedings ____, strolled ___ ___ an earnest and thoughtful air, reappearing, a few minutes afterwards, ___ a dead water-rat ___ his mouth. 8. I fished ___ a couple of eggs that had got cracked and we put those ___. 9. … and as ___ the gravy, it was a poem – a little too rich, perhaps, ___ a weak stomach, but nutritious. 10. Every house is smothered ___ roses, and now, ___ early June, they were bursting ___ ___ clouds ___ dainty splendour. 11. … we decided to go back ___ one ___ the Shiplake islands, and put ___ there ___ the night. 12. The job turned ___ to be the biggest thing ___ its kind that I had ever been ___. 13. … but George stood ___ ___ precedent! 14. One’s palate gets so tired ___ the old hackneyed things: here was a dish ___ a new flavour, ___ a taste like nothing else ___ earth. 15. Then George found half a tin ___ potted salmon, and he emptied that ___ the pot.

Exercise 5. Translate the following word-combinations from the text.

  • с задумчивым видом

  • пол банки консервированного лосося

  • деревенские новости

  • на всякий случай

  • остатки, хлам

  • декорация

  • по части стряпни

  • бродить по горам

  • сказочный уголок

  • устроиться

  • решетчатые окна

  • полдюжины

  • вклад в обед

  • быть размером с

  • пол пирога со свининой

  • собирать хворост

  • утопать в розах

  • сделать соус погуще

  • беззаботность

  • бродить по какому-либо месту

  • в начале июня

  • причудливые комнаты

  • развести костер

  • настоящая сельская гостиница

  • шикарный ужин

  • добавить что-либо к чему-либо

  • остаток вечера

  • остановиться где-либо

  • все пойдет в дело

  • перемешать что-либо

  • с серьезным видом

  • бродить по лесам

  • с неземным вкусом

  • высыпать что-либо в горшочек

  • быть размером с орех

  • искрящийся юмор

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