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10. Taste (noun)

1. Tastes in fiction vary from person to person. 2. a sour taste; 3. Alvin had had a brief taste of freedom and didn't want to live with his parents again. 4. Can I have a taste of your sundae? 5. Have some water to take away the taste of the medicine. 6. I can't understand why she likes it, but as they say, there's no accounting for taste. 7. I don't think much of his taste. 8. I never drink beer; I just don't like the taste.9. It's not necessarily better or worse, it's just a matter of taste.10. No one with any taste would buy a painting like that.11. She decided to become an actress after getting her first taste of fame in a local theatre production.12. Smoking can damage your sense of taste.13. The flour gives a faintly sweet taste to the crust.14. The resort caters to people with expensive tastes.15. We have similar taste in music. 16. Computer agents will be able to organize passive viewing to our taste, acting as assemblers for virtual channels. 17. It believes, with some assistance from professionals, that planning can lead to an environment wholly to its own taste.18. One particular strain lives only in the San Francisco Bay Area and gives the sourdough bread from that region its distinctive taste. 19. Oscar nominees have traditionally reflected the taste of the public. 20. The smell, the taste, can bring a moment of contentment as no other food can.21. Voice over Hay's booksellers justifiably boast that they cater for all tastes.22. As long as any advert does not bring the profession into disrepute nor is in bad taste then it is permissible.23. Did the producer, perhaps feel it to be in poor taste? 24. The Caption Competition, which usually gives me a source of amusement, in the Feb edition was in bad taste. 25. Your jest is in poor taste. 26. And there were plenty left over for everyone else to have a taste, too. 27. But the speculators have tasted blood and could yet force a devaluation of the franc.28. I guess you have a taste for the exotic though I was not exotic.29. I have tasted moose meat, though.30. I have tasted Vegemite and wretched. 31. Now, people have tasted store food and they like it better, because it has sugar and salt in it. 32. One taster remarked that it reminded him of what macaroni and cheese must have tasted like before Kraft. 33. Since I came, I have tasted all I have been asked to. 34. If there must be a neighbour, let her have good taste.35. Along with them went the baggage of impartiality, high quality, good taste and decency. 36. Governments are also often drawn into disputes about matters of public taste and decency. 37. A rafting trip through the Grand Canyon will satisfy your taste for adventure.38. Nick admits he has a bizarre taste in clothing. 39. I parked my car and started walking to get a taste of Chinatown.40. Noriko doesn't like the taste of American coffee.41. Add diced tomatoes and basil leaves and salt and pepper to taste. 42. Add the artificial sweetener to taste if required.43. At the barbecue you get to taste some of the smoke you have smelled all day.44. Do not expect these wines to taste like champagne. 45. Season with salt and pepper to taste. 46. Sprinkle with lemon juice, pomegranate syrup, turmeric, salt, pepper to taste and teaspoon cinnamon.47. Stir in the cheese and ground pepper to taste. 48. The wine steward returned with the open bottle and poured a measure for Whitlock to taste. 49. Add salt and pepper to taste. 50. Add the raspberries and strawberries to the pan with the Sweetex Granulated to taste, and then leave to cool. 51. Add the rum and the salt, to taste, and simmer 15 more minutes. 52. Guide her finger to each one in turn and ask her to taste and identify each powder. 53. Not very pleasant to taste, owing to a lack of sufficient juniper flavouring. 54. She notes if the sauce and mustard are eliminated, add pepper to taste. 55. Stir in the cheese and ground pepper to taste. 56. The class between the virtuosi will however not be disappointed in finding good instruments to fit every taste and every pocket. 57. Between ourselves, I find them a little too deterministic for my taste. 58. I used to love breakout in the arcades, but this implementation is a little too slow for my tastes. 59. Those bars were too low-rent for my taste.

taste (verb)

1."Go on then, taste it,'' said my grandfather, pouring a little of his home-made wine into my glass. 2. Taste your eggs before you put salt on them.3. Did you taste the salsa? 4. I can't taste anything with this cold.5. I don't like cranberries - they taste kind of sour. 6. I ordered chocolate ice cream but this tastes of coffee. 7. It's a vegetarian pie, but it tastes just like meat! 8. The cake tastes pretty good to me. 9. This milk tastes strange - do you think it's OK to drink? 10. You should taste my Dad's fried chicken, it's delicious. 11. I am successful because I have the ability to make things sound, taste and look good.12. One notable disappointment in the tasting was the performance of Los Vascos, which had been making great strides in recent years.13. Others decided to taste freedom in other fields of social activity: speculation on the black market, opening businesses etc. 14. The fancier something looked, the better he thought it tasted.15. They had tasted Cassowary's sharp dagger of a beak before. 16. Christina could taste its salty tang and feel it settle stickily on her skin.17. Eley knew he'd as well send her his ear as mail these stale words, although he could taste her still. 18. He bit his lip until he could taste the salt of blood and Samuel flinched with him.19. I could taste iron in the air, and naphthalene.20. Sally could taste the cigarettes and beer and found that that too was exciting. 21. She could taste him, round and warm and citrus, deep and cinnamon.22. With it he could taste anything she gave him and suffer no harm.23. The hot drink was supposed to be tea but tasted awful.24. When darkness came he ventured out, selecting a large potato - which tasted awful although he ate it all. 25. They just wanted to taste victory after all that losing. 26. But people who cook for the public know fat tastes good, so they tend to be generous in order to please.27. It tasted good, and before I quite realised it the glass was empty.28. It tastes good; a twist arrives on a napkin.29. She says that it tastes good. 30. She was like, that tasted good, not! 31. That it tastes better than most is a possibility because of one simple reason-the slow rise.32. And Long has yet to taste victory in this tournament, unlike his half-back partner Martyn.33. Others decided to taste freedom in other fields of social activity: speculation on the black market, opening businesses etc.

tasteful (adjective)

1. My uncle wore a flannel suit, a spotless white shirt and a tasteful but sombre tie. 2. The room is filled with tasteful furnishings and original artworks.3. A tasteful inch of white cuff protruded from beneath his black suit coat.4. Almost by accident, Bob discovered that by having tasteful furnishings in apartments, they were easier to rent.5. Gray, a prosperous-looking lawyer in his tasteful dark suits, asked for the presidential apology and brought the survivors to Washington.6. On a slightly more tasteful note, as of this month the £40 software voucher reward is being scrapped.7. Such is the force of commodity culture that a tasteful logo and unconnected image can sell clothes around the world. 8. The house is newly furnished with tasteful things.

tasteless (adjective)

1. tasteless jokes; 2. a tasteless TV talk show; 3. a plate of tasteless, overcooked vegetables; 4. gaudy and tasteless designs; 5. I think a lot of modern architecture is completely tasteless.5. It was an ugly room with tasteless decorations and shabby furniture.6. The salad was limp and tasteless.7. Why is airplane food always so tasteless? 8. Breakfast was a bowl of weak, milky coffee and a tasteless roll of bread. 9. Cheap food need not be tasteless or boring.10. Comments ranged from tasteless, bland and bitter to very easy to drink. 11. Eating the cake, he had felt it like tasteless dough in his mouth, every mouthful an act of shared indecency.12. I found none of the double entendres in Whiplash Whispers funny, and the illustrations were a bit tasteless.13. Rohypnol is tasteless, odorless, and up to 20 times more powerful than Valium.14. Sugar maple sap is nearly tasteless and about 98 percent water. 15. The muffin is tasteless, being a very poor substitute for bread, which is served on the Continent

tasty (adjective)

1. She makes really tasty dish with chicken and rice. 2. These cookies are very tasty. 3. These sausages are really tasty - where did you buy them? 4. After putting the dishes together, the editor has a full-course meal-a tasty one, if possible. 5. Ceratopteris is tasty food for aquarium snails.6. Families can drop the custom of serving unappetizing desserts and start tasty new holiday traditions, Eisenberg suggests. 7. Fruits ripened on the vine are tasty but soft and difficult to transport.8. She was chilly and irritable, liked tasty foods and vinegar, and had an aversion to fat, meat and milk. 9. The breakfast is complete and tasty.

taster (noun)

1. He is a consummate wine taster. 2. I thought it sounded like a good idea as it would give me a taster.3. One taster remarked that it reminded him of what macaroni and cheese must have tasted like before Kraft.4. So much for the hype ... here's a taster of what the Falcons have in store for the Air Tattoo.5. The challenge attracts hundreds of the world's best wine tasters, including 30 Masters of Wine.6. This recipe produces a cake with a moist, slightly gummy texture, which some of our tasters actually preferred.

Exercise 10. Paraphrase the following expressions using the active vocabulary.

A. 1. information that is passed from one person to another about other people's behaviour and private lives, often including unkind or untrue remarks;

2. the way someone feels at a particular time, for example if they are happy or sad;

3. to turn or twist something several times around something else;

4. to remove the skin from fruit or vegetables;

5. to break or to make something break, either so that it gets lines on its surface, or so that it breaks into pieces;

6. the skin of some fruits and vegetables, especially the thick skin of fruits such as oranges, which you do not eat;

7. someone who likes talking about other people's private lives - used to show disapproval;

8. to turn part of a machine around several times, in order to make it move or start working;

9. to make a noise by rubbing roughly against a surface;

10. someone whose job is to test the quality of foods, teas, wines etc by tasting them;

11. a sudden loud sound like the sound of a stick being broken;

12. the feeling that is produced by a particular food or drink when you put it in your mouth;

13. an amount of money that you give in order to help pay for something;

14. an illegal drug that some people take for pleasure;

15. the part of someone that you cannot see, that consists of the qualities that make up their character, which many people believe continues to live after the person has died;

16. a piece of writing, a song, a speech etc that forms part of a larger work such as a newspaper, book, broadcast, recording etc;

17. the kind of things that someone likes;

18. courage, energy, and determination - use this to show approval;

19. a change in someone's voice because they are feeling very upset;

20. made, decorated, or chosen with bad taste;

21. to have a short experience of something that you want more of;

22. to get enough money for a particular purpose, when this is difficult;

23. used to express approval of someone's behaviour or attitude;

B. 1. a thin line on the surface of something when it is broken but has not actually come apart;

2. someone, who is ____, is sensible and you can depend on them;

3. to eat or drink a small amount of something to see what it is like;

4. a hard dry type of bread in small flat shapes, that is often eaten with cheese;

5. a situation in which there are a lot of problems and difficulties, especially as a result of mistakes or carelessness;

6. a creature without a physical body that some people believe exists, such as an angel or a dead person, who has returned to this world and has strange or magical powers;

7. an amount of money that you give in order to help pay for something;

8. to make a quick loud sound like the sound of something breaking, or to make something do this;

9. be excited and happy;

10. someone that you have been having a romantic relationship with for a long time;

11. someone who writes a story, song, speech etc that forms part of a larger work such as a newspaper, book, broadcast, recording etc;

12. food or drink that is ____is unpleasant because it has no particular taste;

13. if your voice ____, it starts to sound different because you are feeling strong emotions; 14. firmly held in a particular position and not moving or shaking;

15. make someone happier;

16. if there is a ____ somewhere or a place is a ____, things there are dirty or not neatly arranged;

17. something that you give or do in order to help something be successful;

18. food that is ____ has a good taste, but is not sweet;

19. (informal) to make people work very hard;

20. to do something badly;

21. a decorated paper tube that makes a small exploding sound when you pull it apart. It contains a small gift, a paper hat, and a joke, and is used at Christmas in Britain.

22. (informal) ____ news, gossip etc is especially interesting and often connected with sex or surprising behaviour;

23. a very narrow space between two things or two parts of something.

Exercise 11. Translate into English using active vocabulary.

1. сплетник

2. репортер отдела светской хроники

3. сплетничать

4. болтливый

5. колонка светской хроники

6. сматывать шерсть в клубки

7. «закругляться» (о выступлении)

8. извилистая тропинка

9. заводить часы

10. помыкать кем-либо

11. повернуть дверную ручку

12. обвести вокруг пальца

13. голый, раздетый

14. не зевать, держать ухо востро

15. картофелечистка

16. цукаты

17. Обои отстают от стены.

18. раздеваться

19. кожура, шелуха

20. чистить ботинки

21. оцарапаться о камень

22. с трудом накопить денег

23. скряга, скупой

24. еле-еле сдать экзамен

25. чистить молодую картошку

26. с трудом зарабатывать на жизнь

27. пододвинуть стул

28. скребок

29. прочно поставить стул

30. стабильный рост

31. крепкие мускулы

32. уравновешенный человек

33. привести лодку в равновесие

34. пристальный взгляд

35. прочное основание

36. непрекращающийся дождь

37. вести размеренную жизнь

38. устойчиво, ровно, прочно

39. Так держать!

40. грязь, беспорядок, путаница

41. лодырничать

42. Ну и вид у тебя!

43. иметь неприятности

44. провалить, испортить

45. Какая грязь / беспорядок!

46. попасть в беду

47. выпутаться из неприятностей

48. навести порядок

49. Раздался треск выстрела.

50. «крепкий орешек»

51. громкий треск

52. небольшая трещина

53. отколоть шутку

54. щелкнуть хлыстом

55. отличный парень

56. колоть орехи

57. крекер

58. Стакан треснул.

59. хлопушка

60. слово – язык сломаешь

61. статья в газету

62. делать вклад

63. автор, пишущий в газеты

64. Не унывайте!

65. вкусить славы

66. правильно воспринять

67. на чей-либо вкус

68. жертвовать деньги

69. проявить себя с хорошей стороны

70. подвергнуться опасности

71. безвкусный / бестактный

72. быть в приподнятом настроении

73. внести лепту

74. На вкус и цвет товарища нет.

75. дегустатор

76. Это дело вкуса.

77. сильный духом человек

78. Вот молодец!

79. быть не в духе

80. говорить с жаром


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