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To get into a mess

1. But they got us into this mess, it's up to them to get us out of it. 2. Exactly how Hackney got into such a mess is open to question. 3. How could she have got herself into a mess like this? 4.It was Clive who had got her into this mess. 5. It was drink that got me into this mess. 6. It was Mr Gorbachev, after all, who got them into this mess. 7. The biggest question mark over Major out of the row is how the Government got into this mess in the first place. 8. You got me into this mess.

7. Crack (verb)

1. A few windows cracked from the heat during the fire. 2. A stone hit the windshield and cracked it. 3. A strong earthquake cracked buildings in northwest China. 4. Cowboys cracked their whips as they herded cattle. 5. Detectives finally cracked the murder case. 6. Don't put delicate china in the dishwasher - it may crack. 7. Freeman cracked his skull in the accident. 8. Give Tom a mathematical puzzle and he'll just keep on trying till he cracks it. 9. Harding missed seven weeks of baseball practice after cracking a rib. 10. He slipped and cracked his head on the steps.11. Her stiff joints cracked as she got out of her easy chair. 12. Historians used the Rosetta stone to crack the code of Egyptian hieroglyphics.13. Hold the egg in your hand and gently crack the shell with a knife. 14. I cracked one of the wine glasses when I was washing it. 15. If I don't get some time off soon, I'll be so stressed I'll crack up. 16. It's a tough case but I'm determined to crack it. 17. It's the first time the Spartans have cracked the top 20 in the rankings. 18. Jim cracked his head on the bottom of the bunk bed. 19. Mary cracked her knee on the corner of her desk. 20. Milken's voice cracked on the first word. "Guilty, your honor." 21. But forgive him if his voice cracks or he stumbles over a word. 22. From 27 February, eight score draws will no longer be enough to crack open the champagne. 23. Hereford usually crack or collapse in the dying minutes. 24. Koeman was involved everywhere and cracked in a 35-yard shot which cannoned back off the post after 48 minutes. 25. The international banking system began to crack. 26. The sheeting - you know, the polythene sounded like whips cracking when the wind got into it. 27. This would be the day that I finally cracked the North Shore. 28. He was relaxed and cracking jokes, despite his ordeal. 29. And he was clean and tidy now, and civil, and could even crack a joke. 30. Before tempers flared, Dutriz cracked a joke, and talk returned to the news. 31. I cracked jokes, told stories, performed little tricks with the silverware. 32. Maxie Carlo must've cracked a joke. 33. Mike and his robots maintain their sanity by cracking jokes during the movie. 34. They crack jokes, laughing and shouting. 35. We all cracked jokes over the intercom and talked about what we were going to do. 36. When he cracks a joke or whatever he does in front of the class, he just turn round and laugh.

crack (noun)

1. Cracks began to appear in the facade of their perfect family. 2. As I hit the floor, I heard a loud crack in my arm. 3. Jagged cracks cut across the thick glass arch over the main entryway. 4. Shirley has been addicted to crack for four years. 5. The crack in the bedroom wall seems to be widening.6. The branch broke with a sudden crack. 7. The X-ray showed several cracks in the bone of her left leg.8. There are a few cracks in the plaster.9. There was a loud crack of thunder as the storm began.10. This cup has a crack in it. 11. But somehow her name had slipped through some bureaucratic crack. 12. Even with the car windows left open a crack, the temperature inside can reach 120 degrees in less than 30 minutes. 13. Goons run rampant; crack is dealt on every corner of the Bronx, and law enforcement is something of a joke. 14. Long chains of tiny craters on Phobos suggest the drainage of regolith into deep cracks that riddle its interior. 15. Of course it would be ideal to have a material in which it was impossible to initiate cracks at all.16. Then ants would crawl through the cracks in the floor and build a big nest in the middle of the bedroom. 17. Through the crack under the door I could smell Shelly loud and clear. 18. Thus mild steel structures, for instance, can generally put up with cracks at least a metre long without breaking. 19. A strong wind was now blowing and there was a loud crack of thunder. 20. And sharp cracks in the distance, which could be ice or trees or could be the earth itself. 21. I was telling myself that it would soon be over when I heard a sharp crack.

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