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5. Steady (adjective)

1. A steady stream of refugees arrived at the camp. 2. Chen maintained a steady pace throughout the race. 3. Economists say they expect continued steady growth throughout the year. 4. Hold the ladder steady. 5. It's important to keep the temperature of the oven at a steady high heat. 6. Marisol has made steady progress this year. 7. She held on to hand rails to keep herself steady. 8. The study also notes a steady decline in the number of college students taking science courses. 9. We drove all day at a steady 65 miles an hour. 10. We need a steady platform above the waves before we can start drilling. 11. Fong thought of the back room, warm with the steady breaths of Soo and the children. 12. It starts at zero and eventually the galaxies are moving apart at a steady speed. 13. Television has contributed to the steady decline of solemnity in the courtroom. 14. The United States has traditionally offered the poor relatively easy access to the middle class if they can find steady work. 15. Gluing toothpicks takes a steady hand and a lot of patience. 16. He found he had such a steady hand with his safety razor that he was prepared to go all the way. 17. She has any eye for detail and a steady hand to piece it all together. 18. This is still a job for scissors and a steady hand. 19. With tenderness, with a steady hand, he began to stroke me there in the room. 20. It seemed to her that her mind was like an overfilled glass which only she could hold steady. 21. The wind and the cold made it impossible to hold steady over putts. 22. In any case, life was much too enjoyable to think about steady boyfriends. 23. Now at 16 Steven has a steady girlfriend of 15, who he has been going out with for several months. 24. The first year at university I had a very steady boyfriend who was doing a similar course as me but mechanical engineering. 25. He appears to have given up steady work. 26. I wish he had taken up some steady work. 27. Peter was as steady as a rock, keeping the ball on the fairway and hitting nearly every green in regulation. 28. It was impossible to hurry but they moved at a steady pace, pausing seldom.

firm (adjective)

1. a firm red tomato; 2. A dam about a mile upriver from the city held firm during the earthquake. 3. Buy peaches that are quite firm, as they ripen very quickly indoors. 4. Cook macaroni until tender but still firm. 5. Emily was polite but firm - her answer was 'no'. 6. For this recipe you will need six firm tomatoes. 7. I find I sleep better on a firm mattress. 8. The dollar began Friday on a firm note. 9. These exercises are good for making your stomach muscles nice and firm. 10. We're going to have to be very firm with her, but still treat her with respect. 11. He was wearing shorts and an open-necked shirt, and his limbs were firm with muscle and suntanned. 12. You'll just have to be firm with him and tell him he can't have any more money. 13. Leapor is firm that her friend will be happier with a man who is dependable and who lives within his means. 14. Monkfish has a very firm and meaty flesh, so it's easy to use for kebabs. 15. He was a man of fixed ideas and a firm believer.16. They had remained firm friends ever since their first meeting.17. Sometimes, to be firm with people can be more helpful than leaving problems until it is too late. 18. Winding down I gave a firm strike only to find that I had missed the take, I was gutted. 19. A shift in the weather pattern, bringing low pressure systems across the Alps in December laid down a firm base. 20. That hope rests on a firm base. 21. It was their second get-together, and the two have now become firm friends. 22. There is a sort of secret cave under the far bank which must be filled before a firm base can be established. 23. As darkness gains a firmer grip the songbirds fade and the owls start.

steady (verb)

1. He stood up, holding on to the desk to steady himself. 2. When she looked as though she was going to fall, Eddie's arm immediately went out to steady her. 3. When the plane had steadied, Nancy went back to her seat. 4. He steadied himself self-consciously, waving aside any further help. 5. He held the boy's shoulders to steady him and Ben, startled and breathless, looked up into his face. 6. He pushed himself to his feet and tried to steady himself. 7. Once when they went round a corner she swayed against him and caught his arm to steady herself. 8. She clutched the rail to steady herself, reached the deck and went to the closed doors of the lounge. 9. The spectacle that confronted him was so overwhelming that he all but stumbled in alarm before the policeman caught and steadied him. 10. Above all, what is clear is that this has become a poker game only for those with the steadiest of nerves. 11. And he may have taken a drink or two to steady his nerves. 12. For the demolition parties the days of scheming and planning were over: now they needed steady nerves and physical strength. 13. Next, drink the large Scotch to steady the nerves. 14. That's if the woman ever prays, Isabel reflected, holding on to the random thought to steady her shaky nerves. 15. They finally found him in a bar where he had gone to steady his nerves. 16. They may have an extra glass - or in some cases bottle - to steady the nerves tonight. 17. Charles put his hands on the seat to steady himself. 18. I steady myself against the wall.

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