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3. Peel (verb)

1. Could you peel an orange for me? 2. I got sunburned, and now my face is peeling. 3. He peeled off his T-shirt, revealing a chunky tanned torso that reeked of Lifebuoy soap. 4. He undid his buttons, and peeled off his shirt. 5. Reno unfolded herself, pushed her bulk out of the car, and peeled her dresses off the back seat. 6. So I peeled the label from the tube and threw my blood away. 7. The windows were all shuttered and what paint was left was peeling off in huge flakes. 8. Then he began to peel back the brittle newspapers, Father Tim saw that the date on the Mitford Muse was 1952. 9. You could also drop mothballs or peeled garlic cloves or sprinkle hot pepper into the tunnels. 10. Slice each avocado in half, then peel off the skin. 11. When I peeled the label off I discovered that the old price was $2 cheaper. 12. I peeled off my shirt as soon as I saw the ocean.13. The enamel has peeled off the taps like so much banana skin, revealing dull, patchy brass. 14. Then the damaged skin peels off. 15. Then, simply peel off the charred skin under running water.

peel (noun)

1. Add boiling water, sugar, spices, citrus juice and citrus peel. 2. Add the peel and boil slowly until all the sugar syrup is pretty much absorbed. 3. Add the wine and lemon peel to the olive oil and simmer for 2 minutes. 4. Back in the cabin I mix the berries with sugar and lemon peel, then roll out the pie crusts.5. Drain the peel, refill the pot and boil the peel for 20 minutes more. 6. Meanwhile place apples, water, peel and soft brown sugar and cinnamon in a pan and simmer until tender. 7. Meanwhile, marinate the almonds, sultanas and peel in the rum for 30 minutes. 8. The room was badly ventilated, and the floor was strewn with nut shells and orange peel. 9. An abandoned circus wagon with peeling paint is in the background, in it a hopeless dark woman imprisoned behind bars. 10. Its peeling paint and broken windows stand testimony that it went out of business because it had become too costly to maintain. 11. Mildew and mold grow on the peeling paint like gray fur.

candied peel

1. Another speciality is Naples Easter cake, a shortcrust pastry case filled with ricotta cheese, candied fruit and spices. 2. Decorate with candied peel and angelica. 3. I ... I was next door getting some more of those candied mice. 4. Lightly knead the dough on a floured surface, working in the candied peel, raisins and sultanas.

4. Scrape (verb)

1. I’ll have to scrape the ice off the windscreen before we set off. 2. It was not until we felt the exhaust pipe scraping along the road that we realized there was something wrong with the car. 3. Metal scraped loudly as the snowplow drove past. 4. Outside snow plows were scraping the street. 5. Stop scraping your chair! 6. The sound of knives and forks scraping against plates filled the canteen. 7. Three workmen came into the store – I could hear their boots scraping on the floor. 8. We scraped our shoes on the doorstep to get the mud off them.9. You'll need to scrape the windshield - it's covered in ice. 10. A wind sound scrapes its thatching of sticks.11. Furious Republicans united against it, and it barely scraped by. 12. So Tod and his brother Frank scraped some money together. 13. He hears a scraping sound: a chair being moved. 14. I can't scrape you off my mind nor even, it seems, off the end of my pen. 15. The sharp rocks, or moraine, which were stuck in the glaciers caused them to scrape out the valleys much deeper. 16. We wanted one of us to be there when Drew or Melinda scraped a knee or lost a friend.17. Where the water dripped on to my dirt floor, I scraped a trench with my pocket knife to let it drain out. 18. Even so, without his father's family connection he wouldn't have scraped through the entrance exam. 19. Liverpool scraped through 2-1 on aggregate to a tie with Porto in the next round. 20. She is practical in the way that people who scrape through life are. 21. The aim is to cut costs enough to scrape through today's recession. 22. There was only just room to scrape through between the roots of the tree and the edge. 23. They scraped through by an 8-7 margin and now travel to Upminster in the next round. 24. Between 25 to 50 means you could scrape a living as a comic with appalling taste in T-shirts. 25. My family knew that however long and however hard they worked to scrape a living, they would always be poor. 26. Their rural cousins, who still make up 75% of the population, scrape a living from the soil. 27. His bare feet scraping on the gritty cement pavement made such an unpleasant sound that Fakhru decided not to follow too closely.

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