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Unit 2.Words from the text.Part 1.

1. опытный, толковый, разумный

2. единогласный, единодушный

3. честный, справедливый

4. жульничать, мошенничать

5. хлам, мусор, дрянь

6. ударить кулаком

7. понимание, признательность, высокая оценка

8. жилет

9. ослаблять, развязывать, отпускать

10. абсолютно, полностью, совершенно

11. сухость, скучность

12. тщательно рассматривать, анализировать

13. малейшая часть, йота

14. категорически, совершенно, абсолютно

15. ставка

16. жесткий, строгий, суровый

17. травить, преследовать

18. последующий

19. правонарушение, преступление, обида

20. соблазнять, искушать

Read the definitions and tell the words.

1. a piece of clothing without sleeves and with buttons down the front that you wear as part of a suit;

2. intelligent or sensible;

3. a small amount;

4. an illegal action or a crime;

5. an understanding of the importance or meaning of something;

6. honest and fair treatment from someone, especially in business;

7. to make someone want to have or do something, even though they know they really should not;

8. to make things so unpleasant for someone that they are forced to leave a place, job etc; 9. such a decision, vote, agreement etc is one in which all the people involved agree;

10. someone from a low social class who you do not respect because you think they are lazy or immoral;

11. something not having any new, interesting, or exciting features or qualities;

12. if something that you value very much is at ____, you will lose it if a plan or action is not successful;

13. to make something less tight or less firmly fastened, or to become less tight or less firmly fastened;

14. to trick or deceive someone so that they do not get or keep something they have a right to have;

15. happening or coming after something else;

16. to hit someone or something hard with your fist;

17. to say something in a direct and definite way that is not likely to change;

18. to examine information, documents etc carefully in order to find something out or decide what is important and what is not;

19. not wearing any clothes at all;

20. very strict and difficult to change;

21. completely crazy.

Words from the text .Part 2.

1. жестоко, свирепо, зло, беспощадно

2. простой, скромный

3. безрассудство, опрометчивость

4. циничный; бесстыдный

5. уверенный

6. предположение, допущение

7. калибр; диаметр

8. потеть, бытьвиспарине

9. (formal) потеть; покрываться испариной

10. бросать (привычку), прекращать (что-л. делать)

11. серьёзно, рассудительно, существенно

12.возможности, простор, свобода действий

13. бедный, неимущий, нищий

14. прямота, честность, чистота

15. винтовка, нарезное оружие

16. голосовать, подсчитыватьголоса

17. взглянуть, бросить взгляд

18. закрывать, захлопывать со щелчком

19. проход (между рядами в театре, вагоне, между полками или витринами в супермаркете)

20. преподобный, почтенный, священник

Unit 2. Words from the text, part 2. Read the definitions and tell the words.

1. very violently or cruelly, severely;

2. a long passage between rows of seats in a church, plane, theatre etc, or between rows of shelves in a shop;

3. someone who is very poor;

4. when someone says or does something in a way that shows a lack of respect for other people and is likely to offend them;

5. something that you think is true although you have no definite proof;

6. a title of respect used before the name of a minister in the Christian church;

7. to have drops of salty liquid coming out through your skin because you are hot, ill, frightened, or doing exercise;

8. a long gun which you hold up to your shoulder to shoot;

9. to ask a lot of people the same questions in order to find out what they think about a subject;

10. not considering yourself or your ideas to be as important as other people's;

11. to move into a particular position suddenly, making a short sharp noise;

12. the level of quality or ability that someone or something has achieved;

13. not caring that something might not be morally right, might hurt someone etc, when you are trying to get something for yourself;

14. to look quickly at something, or to look at something from behind something else, especially something that you are not supposed to see;

15. sure that something will happen in the way that you want or expect;

16. the opportunity to do or develop something;

17. to stop doing something, especially something that is bad or annoying;

18. if you do this, parts of your body become wet, especially because you are hot or have been doing hard work;

19. looking or sounding quiet and serious, especially because something important or worrying has happened;

20. the quality of being honest and strong about what you believe to be right.

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