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Text one beauty

Exercise 1. Fill in the gaps in the text.

How important is your ____? Although ____ wants to be good- ____, are beautiful people always happier people? For ____, it must be a ____ to be a ____ beautiful woman, because some men ____ be more interested ____ looking at you ____ talking to you. They think ____ you as a picture ____ than a person. There are ____ some people who think that women who are ____ pretty and men who are ____ handsome must be ____. They ____ that only unattractive people can ____ intelligent.

On the ____ hand, no one wants to be really ____, and have a face that ____ your mother doesn’t want to look ____; and ____ one wants to be plain ____ – that is to be ____ attractive ____ unattractive, and have a face that is ____ forgotten.

Being attractive is ____ being rich – it can help you ____ happiness, but it doesn’t always ____ you happy. So ____ the best thing is not to ____ too much about how you ____, but simply ____ to be an interesting person. ____ interesting people have interesting ____, and interesting faces are ____ always attractive.

Exercise 2. Translate into English:

а) богатый умный

счастливый красавица

уродливый тупой

важный привлекательный

интересный хорошенький

красивый (о мужчине) заинтересованный


в) легко может быть

также например

всегда итак

только ни … ни

чрезвычайно с другой стороны

почти чем

просто хотя

действительно особенно

с) просто

с другой стороны

выглядеть привлекательно

может быть

чрезвычайно красивый

скорее хорошенькая, чем красивая

волноваться из-за внешности

должно быть, это проблема

только интересные статьи

особенно важные данные

ни глупый, ни умный

Никто не хочет быть обыкновенным

почти уродливый

действительно умный





говорить легко


Exercise 3. Read the definitions of the following adjectives and tell the words.

1. describes something that has a big effect or influence on people's lives or on events in the future;

2. extremely unattractive and unpleasant to look at;

3. having feelings of pleasure, for example because something good has happened to you or you are very satisfied with your life;

4. having a nice, attractive face or pleasant to look at or listen to but not impressive;

5. not beautiful or attractive - often used because you want to avoid saying this directly;

6. having a low level of intelligence, so that you have difficulty learning or understanding things;

7. person having a high level of mental ability and being good at understanding ideas and thinking clearly;

8. extremely attractive to look at;

9. having a lot of money and valuable possessions;

10. if something is ____, you give it your attention because it seems unusual or exciting or provides information that you did not know about;

11. a man who is ____ looks attractive;

12. someone who is ____ is attractive.

Exercise 4. Match the words with the definitions.

1. beautiful a. having the ability to think, understand, and learn things quickly and well; having high intelligence; clever

2. pretty b. quick to understand, learn, and devise or apply ideas; intelligent

3. handsome c. lacking good sense or judgement; unwise, silly

4. attractive d. lacking in common sense, perception, or normal intelligence

5. good-looking e. not distinguished by any particular beauty; ordinary looking

6. nice f. giving pleasure or satisfaction; pleasant or attractive

7. ugly g. very attractive to look at; pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically

8. unattractive h. attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful or handsome

9. plain i. appealing to the senses or mind through beauty, form, character, etc

10. intelligent j. unpleasant or repulsive, especially in appearance

11. clever k. unpleasant in appearance; not appealing to the senses or mind through beauty, form, character, etc

12. interesting l. arousing curiosity or interest; holding or catching the attention

13. stupid m. (of a man) good-looking, esp in having regular, pleasing, and well-defined features

14. foolish n. handsome or pretty; physically attractive

Exercise 5. Put the following adjectives into 2 categories – describing positive qualities and negative ones. Translate them into Russian.

Incredible, magnificent, ghastly, revolting, marvellous, nasty, appalling, remarkable, gorgeous, frightful, dreadful, enchanting, fascinating, impressive, hideous, outstanding, beastly, disgusting, amiable, filthy, offensive, admirable, striking, delightful, monstrous, repulsive, sickening, glorious, amazing, plain, fabulous, smart.

Exercise 6. Translate into English.

непривлекательный; хотя;

красивая женщина; найти счастье;

привлекательная внешность; чрезвычайно;

например; быть действительно уродливым;

считается что; осчастливить кого-то;

возможно; должно быть он глуп;

интересоваться чем-то; это как быть богатым;

насколько важна ваша внешность?; волноваться о;

должно быть, это проблема; красивый мужчина;

с другой стороны; исключительно;

действительно красивая женщина; думать как о картинке, чем о личности; легко забывающееся лицо; привлекательный человек;

все хотят быть симпатичными; есть также люди, которые;

умный человек; смотреть на;

никто не хочет быть заурядным; почти;

попытаться быть интересной личностью;

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